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Sensitive Skin
This product line is perfect for delicate skin. Each moisturizing lotion or toner is made up of a variety of all-natural ingredients, perfume-free and paraben-free.
Price: $10.00 each


Bentobox, Magazine, Japanese, Toronto, muji, products

Cut Cotton—Layered
Muji’s four-layer cotton pads are great for anything from toner and moisturizer to nail polish remover. Unbleached, soft and sturdy, they can even be reused as face packs.
Price: $4.00



Muji is the Japanese “everything brand” and offers all types of goods, from bed frames and tea leaves to beauty products. Known for their simplistic designs and reliable quality, they are a company loved by all ages and income brack- ets. And, despite being available for reasonable prices, the quality of their products is uncom- promised. Muji’s skin care line is consistent with the company’s high-quality philosophy and sticks to the use of the best materials out there. Their water-based beauty products, such as their toners and moisturizers, are mixed with purified water from the caves in northeastern Japan—water which is said to benefit from the decades-long process of filtering through mineral-rich rocks.

If you are looking for a natural and effective option for keeping your skin hydrated, you’ve found it.