The new Sony Walkman NWZ-ZX1 takes music to another dimension.


The built-in amplifier bump?!

Nothing about this audio device is standard, including its shape. The slight bulge on the back is there to isolate some top-notch audio components so that electrical interference can’t affect the sound, a problem you might be familiar with if you’ve ever listened to music on your smartphone.

For anyone from the average music listener to the true audiophile, the brand new Sony Walkman is the ultimate media player for experiencing high-resolution sound.
What’s high-resolution (or “Hi-Res”) audio? It’s an audio format that delivers more information and higher fidelity than your conventional MP3s. Hi-Res technology is now mainstream in Japan and gaining popularity across Asia. And the new Walkman NWZ-ZX1 is set to bring Canadians into the loop.

With 128 GB of storage, the NWZ- ZX1 holds a whopping number of up to 36,000 songs, and it plays music with unprecedented depth and richness. High notes that a regularMP3 player would cut are delivered truthfully in Hi-Res, giving you sound quality that makes it hard to go back to anything else—just like it’s hard to appreciate microwaved pizzas after you’ve had them fresh and wood- fired. Or think about hearing music while you walk in a park; you can immediately tell whether it’s a live band or a CD playing over speakers. Live music has that extra depth and richness, which is what the NWZ-ZX1 was designed to emulate.

The NWZ-ZX1 creates sound that lets you truly appreciate the nuances and subtleties of your music collection. You can visit the Sony Centre for

the Performing Arts to experience it yourself!

Hi-Res: Closely replicates the MP3: Loses the highest-frequency original sound quality.
MP3: Loses the highest-frequency original sound quality. components of audio signals.

Keep your eye out for other Sony products with Hi-Res audio capabilities, such as headphones and wireless speakers, that are coming out soon. Visit their website for more information.

Price: $749.99