With delicious food served alongside warm hospitality, eating at Fin feels like I’ve journeyed back to Japan for the night.

Irasshai mase! A sea of Japanese voices rings out the familiar welcome as I walk into an old favourite, Fin Izakaya. The restaurant’s warm interior combined with the sweet aroma of cooking soy sauce makes me feel like I’ve returned to my home away from home, Japan.

I’m ready to eat! First on my list is nothing less than a feast. The Seafood Stone Grill is a colourful assortment of succulent seafood and voluptuous veggies, served on a steaming hot plate of homemade teriyaki sauce (or ponzu). Meat lovers can eat their sashimi-grade salmon (or beef) rare, or they can opt to cook it a little longer before digging in. And vegetarians might do a double take at the meatiness of the mushrooms, eggplant, yams and pumpkin.

The Tuna & Garlic Rare Steak is absolutely stunning.True to its name, this “steak” could be mistaken for the tenderest of tenderloins. Fresh green onions and roasted garlic give the lightly seared tuna a kick, while the butter soy sauce wraps tastebuds in its warm embrace. (The sauce is so good that it comes with toasted bread just for dipping.)

Even if, like me, you’re not a huge mackerel fan, the Blowtorched Mackerel is … well …mindblowing! Pickled in vinegar for no less than eight hours and served with a ginger-infused ponzu sauce, this dish boasts a far more delicate taste than the average mackerel sushi—without losing that distinct flavour and creamy texture mackerel lovers crave.

Last but not least, the Fin Shrimp Rock easily proves why it’s a bestselling dish. Deep-fried in a light tempura batter and covered in a sauce that’s both spicy and sweet, each bite packs just the right amount of punch.

For a little refreshment between dishes, you’ll have tons of fun ordering the Sake Flight. For a very reasonable $13, you get three shots literally brimming with three different sakes of your choosing. It’s a tasting experience that gives newbies a chance to try a variety of flavours, while foodies can perfectly pair their drinks with their dishes.

Like most izakayas, Fin’s menu has an extensive selection of affordable dishes that tease and tempt. My advice? Don’t fight it.

Fin Izakaya

​Sample new sakes one sip at a time

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​The Seafood Stone Grill bubbles with flavour

Fin Izakaya
55 Eglinton Ave. E., Toronto
647-347-3864 |www.finizakaya.com
Open: Wed–Fri 11:30 am–4 pm • Mon–Sat 5:30 pm–12 am • Sun 5:30 pm –10 pm