Located in Japan’s Fukuoka Prefecture, Hakata is the birthplace of tonkotsu, the pork-bone broth that makes ramen so incredibly tasty. No wonder they call Fukuoka “the Land of Ramen”!

Red hot tonkotsu (left)

Red hot is right! This ultra-sexy ramen is loaded with spice … and everything nice naughty! Not for the faint of heart … or the weak of tongue. Give your tastebuds the adventure they’ve been craving with this super-spicy soup.

Chashu lover (bottom)

Taking that last bite of pork can be as painful as losing your one true love! That’s why chashu lovers can order seven pieces of pork heaven.

Black tonkotsu (top)

Wonder where this seductive soup gets its colour? Mystery solved! Flavoured with roasted garlic oil, this ramen tastes as unique as it looks: smoky and sultry.

Hungry for more? Let’s dig in!

No matter if you think ramen restaurants are overrunning the city or if you already have a much-loved spot, you’ll want to give Sho Ryu Ken’s Hakata ramen a try. This soup is the real deal. Why? Because both restaurant owner and chef hail from Fukuoka.

 And in Fukuoka, they take their ramen very seriously. Some of the stricter ramen masters go to great lengths to ensure patrons aren’t distracted while slurping up their soup. Picture dividers that separate you and your dining companions so that you can fully concentrate on your meal. Sound crazy? This is the culture of Hakata ramen.

 But when you consider that it takes more than 12 hours to prepare this exceptional broth, you might understand why it deserves your full attention.

 Not to worry. Sho Ryu Ken’s communal tables are free of dividers, so you’ll still be able to chat away as you enjoy your meal. But will you want to? Close your eyes, take that first sip of broth and indulge. You might even forget you’re in Canada.

 If the thought of trekking up to North York Centre Station is causing you to take pause, just remember that a 30-minute subway ride from downtown is certainly a lot quicker than flying 13 hours to Japan!

And once you’ve arrived at your destination, you won’t regret the journey. The broth is so flavourful, the gyoza so satisfying, the pork so soft, you’ll be planning your next trip north before you know it.

Not just ramen!!

Gyoza with a twist

Before you sink your teeth into these homemade dumplings, don’t forget to dip ’em in the spicy miso—for a truly terrific twist!

This tofu’s got taste!

For a flavour explosion, throw some fresh ginger, soy sauce and chashu sauce into the homemade broth … and enjoy!

Rising dragon punch

Named after the special attack from Street Fighter, the name Sho Ryu Ken means “rising dragon punch.” Graffiti renditions of Ryu and other characters decorate the restaurant’s walls.

Good friends, great ramen

Owner Takuma Shimizu and Chef Toru Tanaka have been best buddies since their school days in Japan. The two friends grew up eating this worldfamous noodle soup in the Land of Ramen and later moved to Toronto to open a restauranttogether. Lucky us!

Sho Ryu Ken
TEL: 416-733-3725
5321 Yonge St., North York
OPEN: Tues–Sun 12 pm–3 pm, 5 pm – 10:30 pm, Mon closed