Get a spa-quality facial with Cosmé Proud. This cosmetics expert offers the finest Japanese-engineered skin care products with carefully chosen ingredients to give your skin a healthy glow.
Has Canada’s harsh winter left your skin feeling dry and dehydrated?
Are you having a hard time finding the right products to stay moisturized? Then try this innovative skin care line engineered in Japan. Using the latest skin-rejuvenating technology, Cosmé Proud offers up a whole series of products to indulge your skin—from gentle makeup remover made with pure gold flakes to deep treatment serum with nanotechnologized platinum.
Since its establishment in 2006, Cosmé Proud has gained many imitators in the beauty industry.
Now it’s your turn to learn Cosmé Proud’s beauty secrets and have a spa-quality facial
treatment in your own home.
Gold Multi Rejuvenating Peat Pack
Used at 5-star spas
Cosmé Proud
Cosmé Proud
 State-of-the-art mixing technology is the key to this special rejuvenating peat pack. Cosmé Proud’s traditional H8-grade Finnish peat is combined with pure gold nanocolloid, then mixed with trehalose and ceramide complex for a creamy, moisturizing finish. To truly understand how effective this rejuvenating peat pack is, you’ve got to try it yourself.
It’s deliciously addictive!
All -natural mud mask, containing no alcohol, parabens or mineral oils.
A rare find. H8-grade peat!
Cosmé Proud H8
Has fine fibres and is smooth in texture. Accumulated for 5,000 years.
Impossible to produce artificially.

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