The all-new ILX comes with the world’s first 8-speed dual-clutch transmission paired with a torque convertor, delivering more power, more speed, more luxury and better fuel economy.

“The new ILX has over 50 more horsepower than the outgoing model, owing to its 2.4-Litre i-VTEC engine.”

With a full redesign for 2016, the Acura ILX is the gateway sports sedan for people with active lifestyles. The ILX takes cues from its older siblings with modern and high-tech features, such as the Jewel Eye LED headlights, a new and innovative drivetrain, and intuitive technology that befits today’s smartphone-savvy drivers.

Starting with the exterior, Acura’s smallest sedan has sporty lines that let you know it is no slouch. Alloy wheels at 17” are standard, with 18” wheels included in the A-spec package.

The A-spec package also includes fog lights, a unique body package and a rear spoiler for a sportier look. The most distinctive feature of the exterior is the classy Jewel Eye LED headlights. First debuted on the flagship RLX concept, these headlights offer more than just style—with 10 individual efficient and longlasting LED lights, the Jewel Eyes are more focused than traditional lights, giving the driver a better view without blinding oncoming traffic.

With these headlights, your friends will instantly recognize you day or night in their rearview mirror—but you won’t be behind them for long in a car this quick.

How quick? The new ILX has over 50 more horsepower than the outgoing model, owing to its 2.4-Litre i-VTEC engine. That’s a pretty significant bump that also comes with a boosted torque, thanks to an increase in engine displacement and the addition of direct injection. You might think that more power means a car thirstier for fuel, but not with the ILX. Direct injection technology allows for more precise fuel delivery and cylinder cooling, bringing you enhanced efficiency along with the power increase. Putting the extra power to the ground is the world’s first coupling of a dual-clutch transmission with a torque converter for the best of all worlds. The torque converter gives the transmission the ability to preselect first gear for quick starts, while also acting as a damper to take the shock out of the shift without compromising speed. This engine and transmission combo delivers the rare but sought-after combination of sportiness and refinement.

Settling into the driver’s seat, you press the start button to fire the engine to life and are instantly enveloped by the incredible sound system developed by Grammy Award–winning music producer Elliot Scheiner. The available ELS Premium Audio System 7 offers a stateof-the-art audioexperience and allows you to stream music from a multitude of platforms—such as AcuraLink, Sirius XM and the car’s internal hard drive. The Active Sound Control technology allows you to maximize your appreciation of your personal sound stage, cutting out engine noise and unwanted sounds from wind and the road.

Beyond infotainment, the ILX is packed with the latest technology. With automatic windshield wipers and dual-zone climate control, you can leave the details up to the ILX and focus on truly enjoying your driving experience. At the same time, you’ll always know that the ILX has you and your passengers covered with its advanced safety features, such as blind-spot monitoring, a standard rear-view camera and a cross-traffic monitor system. The Adaptive Cruise Control is also featured in the ILX, which not only lets you set your speed but the distance to the car in front of you.

As you hit the road with peace of mind, you can also take advantage of the available AcuraLink system, which is tethered to your smartphone. The system is accessed through an app and offers you 24/7 roadside assistance, live traffic monitoring and a live concierge. The “eyes free” AcuraLink lets you access your social media accounts, and will even read your incoming text messages and emails to you while you stay focused on the road.


Key ILX tech innovations

The world’s first 8-speed DCT with torque converter

The 8-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT) offers snappy shifts that can’t be matched by a traditional automatic transmission, with steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters providing ultimate control. DCT used to have downsides like jerky shifting and delayed starts—but these are non-issues in the ILX, thanks to Acura’s bright idea of coupling the DCT with a torque converter.

The torque converter allows the transmission to preselect first gear for instantaneous starts and a smoother ride.

Stunning headlights let people know you’re coming

The elegance of the ILX shines even in the night with Acura’s signature Jewel Eye LED headlights. The 10 individual LED lamps act as daytime running lights until it gets dark, when they create a whiter and brighter beam that is more illuminating for the driver and less annoying to oncoming traffic than conventional halogen lights. The lights’ characteristics are similar to natural sunlight, which helps eliminate sleepiness and keeps you alert while driving.

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Stay connected with the AcuraLink connectivity system

Advanced smartphone technology is now available in the ILX with the available AcuraLink system. The Connect app acts as a remote and even a diagnostic tool which can communicate with the ILX’s

computers. Beyond that, the system offers you streaming music, 24/7 roadside assistance and navigation, including maps that dynamically reroute based on traffic conditions—meaning you always have security and entertainment at the touch of a button.

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2016 ILX starting from $29,490

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