Take your noodles for a delicious dip


These thick, wavy noodles absorb the full flavour of the dipping broth. Comes with chopped chicken and pork cha-shu. $11.50

Literally meaning “dipping noodle,” tsukemen is a kind of ramen in reverse. Instead of the typical noodles-in-broth-style dish, tsuke-men consists of a platter of ramen-style noodles served cold to bring out their flavour and texture, with a thick broth on the side. You eat it by dipping the noodles in the warm sauce before putting them in your mouth.

Ryuichiro Takahashi, proprietor of Ryus Noodle Bar, recommends pouring a few spoonfuls of sauce over the generous pile of noodles to help loosen them up. He serves his tsuke-men with tender pieces of pork and chicken, marinated bamboo strips and pieces of white fungus, an unusual mushroom that is great for soaking up the gravy-like sauce. The sauce itself is a bit salty and fishy, with a hint of sesame—classic Japanese flavours with Ryuichiro’s own unique twist.

With so many noodle shops in Toronto, Ryuichiro knew he needed to set his business apart from the rest. The secret is Ryuichiro’s own broth made from scratch: it uses a combination of pork bone broth and chicken broth infused with a third broth made of kombu (kelp) and shiitake—resulting in a unique taste that still maintains the rich flavours of each individual ingredient. From this base, Ryuichiro not only constructs his tsuke-men, but also his ramen dishes, including house specialties like Spicy Miso for those who like a little fire or the Pork Blaster for meat lovers.

Ryus Noodle Bar also offers vegetarian options, which in itself sets Ryuichiro’s establishment apart from your average Japanese noodle bar.

There are few decorations on the wall at Ryus, and the restaurant has what you could call a “stand-style” atmosphere. It’s a smaller space, with a few tables and a low bar where people can sit and sip noodles. But don’t be fooled by the simple decor: this noodle bar’s menu is something special.


Your choice of Shio, Shoyu, Miso or Spicy Miso soup, topped with Ryus’ popular pork cha-shu and a soft-boiled egg. $15.50 (Shio, Shoyu) | $16.50 (Miso, Spicy Miso)

Ryus Noodle Bar
647-344-9306 | www.ryusnoodlebar.com
33 Baldwin St., Toronto
OPEN HOURS: Mon-Sat 11am-10:30pm | Sun 11am-10pm