It’s a proven fact that smells have a therapeutic effect on us, and it’s no wonder, since our smell receptors are connected directly to the emotional centre of our brains. Whether you want to be able to concentrate better as you study, relax as you fall asleep or feel invigorated while you clean your home, Muji’s aroma diffuser is the versatile mood-maker to suit your needs.


Muji’s aroma diffuser vaporizes water and uses ultrasonic waves to evenly disperse a fine and dry mist across your home that is infused with one of its aromas. Its sleek and minimalist design is unobtrusive wherever you place it—and might even add to the d.cor of your Muji’s essential oils are extracted from plants procured from their countries of origin all over the world. They use an old-fashioned extraction process of steam distillation to capture the true essence of each plant. These brand new and vivid aromas are instant, on-demand mood setters.

muji candle
muji candle

Muji’s brand new miniature fragrance candles hit the stores on April 21. These finely crafted candles were designed to recreate some of nature’s best smells, from sweet fruit to earthy wood and aromatic herbs. Their long-lasting flames give you a nice and relaxing way to enhance the mood.

room!—while its nice ambient glow has two settings that can enhance the mood. Be sure to try Muji’s

essential oils with the diffuser, because their quality and aroma selection are hard to beat.

The diffuser’s deliberate engineering and simple instructions make it easy to maximize the benefits of aromatherapy, and with a threehour capacity, you’ll get a sufficient dose each day. And because it

doesn’t use heat, you don’t have to worry about it drying the air in your home or being hazardous to your pets or children.



Price: regular $69.50, large $109.50