In 1904, a factory was set up in Aichi Prefecture with the aim to produce first-class tableware for export to Europe and North America. Now, Noritake’s china can be found in all types of places across the world, ranging from high-end restaurants to wedding registries, and its brand continues to represent high-quality and sophisticated designs.

Noritake’s newest compilation consists of seven patterns that are inspired by an “East meets West” sensibility. The two bone china patterns, Noble Ensemble Gold and Noble Ensemble Platinum, are a beautiful modern take on classic mosaic designs that are reminiscent of the Byzantine Empire and are perfect for hosting guests with class and style. The five other patterns are made using Noritake’s original and newest fine premium porcelain, which combine pure whiteness, translucency and strength, and each piece is full of character and uniqueness. This stunning tableware will give even mac n’ cheese a gourmet touch.

Although fine china often evokes images of frailty (and nervous diners), Noritake’s products are actually some of the strongest ceramics around. Fired at high temperatures and made from tough materials, you can relax and enjoy your beautiful dinnerware for anything from casual dinners to special occasions, and you can even wash them in your dishwasher.

Can’t pick a favourite? Luckily, all seven patterns complement each other for endless mix-andmatch options.

Noritake Noble Ensemble Gold

Noble Ensemble Gold

Inspired by byobu, or traditional Japanese folding screens that were used to separate private spaces, the Noble Ensemble Gold collection features stunning gold and textured tiles banded luxuriously around each piece.


muji candle

Noble Ensemble Platinum

Sharing inspiration with the Noble Ensemble Gold, the Platinum collection also recalls the richly gilded byobu that were traditionally used among the elite.

Alluring Fields
With design inspiration from the traditional art of Ikebana—the disciplined practice of flower arrangement—the Alluring Fields collection depicts vibrant flowers in beautiful watercolours.