Paitan Ramen

Chicken broth topped with special salsa

On April 27, Ryoji’s exhibition at the Shinyokohama Ramen Museum opened its doors. The museum showcases nine of the best ramen restaurants in Japan in a unique streetscape replica that is made to look like it’s 1958. Mini versions of the restaurants line the mini street, serving mini-sized ramen so you can try a number of them in one visit.

This is the second time that Ryoji has been exhibited at the museum since 2001. This return to the museum is a testament to the continued quality and popularity of their ramen. The good news is that we can taste the same ramen right here in Toronto.

 Enjoy Okinawa’s local sake, Awamori

Another perk of having our own Ryoji is that there are items on the menu that are only available at the Toronto location. One of those is the Paitan Ramen. It is an unusual broth made entirely from chicken, topped with slices of chicken instead of chashu. It was introduced as a winter-only special, but it was so popular that it is here to stay. What makes the Paitan Ramen really special is the spoonful of salsa that it comes topped with. It might sound like an odd combination but it is actually a perfect match. The salsa adds that little bit of flair that the chicken broth lacks, giving it a distinct and unforgettable taste.

Even though the Paitan Ramen is already a healthy choice, Ryoji offers some more options to make it even healthier. You can choose rice noodles (gluten-free), choose the amount of fat in the broth or choose the amount of salt. Delicious and healthy––what more can you ask for? Ryoji’s seasonal menu changes every three months, so ask about it when you’re there or you’ll be missing out.


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