Yamaha is a brand that is practically synonymous with pianos, and the latest addition to the P-series digital piano line delivers sound that is worthy of the reputation. Compact, stylish, high-tech and engineered to perfection, the P-115 does a great job of overhauling the perception that a traditional piano is superior to digital pianos.
 Yahama concert grand
The piano’s sound was sampled from Yamaha’s world-famous CFIIIS concert grand—an unrivalled quality of sound at this price point. Suited for anyone from novices playing chopsticks in their living room to professionals playing Rachmaninoff in a concert hall, the versatile and easy-to-use interface allows you to quickly make adjustments to match your needs.
 The 88 keys with Graded Hammer Standard action give the digital piano an excitingly authentic touch, with the lower notes having a heavier touch than the higher notes. The faithful weight of the keys is great for practising and building the proper finger techniques for when you play an acoustic piano, and the matte finish on the black keys provides more grip and less slip when you’ve been playing for a long time.
The brand new and enhanced speakers have a natural vibration that creates rich sound in the low range and clear, brilliant sound in the high range. Since the last model in this series, the polyphony has increased from 128 to 196, which means that more notes can be played simultaneously—and that harmony on this piano sounds even more stunning.
 Digital controller apps
Yamaha’s revolutionary digital piano controller app, available on iOS devices, allows you to interact with your instrument like never before.
With the app, you can select different voices, rhythms and other settings from your iPad or iPhone screen. Some optional accessories include a pedal unit and a sturdy stand to give your piano the presence it deserves.

visit their website for more information: ca.yamaha.com
Color Variation: Black or White
Price: $699.99

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