For those of you who appreciate a nice, hot cup of tea or coffee but don’t like the tedious process of boiling water in a pot, a water boiler might be your next best friend. In Japanese households, water boilers are a standard kitchen appliance and are as ubiquitous as toasters.

Among them, Zojirushi has long been the favorite brand, and the VE Hybrid CV-DCC40/50 is their

best yet. The electric boiler insulates the water in a vacuum and keeps it hot within the stainless steel double-insulated walls. Better yet, the  hybrid technology uses minimal electricity, making it both eco-friendly and wallet-friendly. Tea and coffee aficionados appreciate the four key temperature settings that allow you to use optimal and precise temperatures for your brew—for example, 98oC for black and herbal teas, 80oC for green teas, and 90oC to 96oC for coffee. With hot water at your fingertips, you’ll always be ready for spontaneous tea parties.