Make your body happy with yummy organic tea

The world’s leading green tea company, ITO EN, is bringing healthier alternatives to the shelves this summer with its bottled tea line, TEAS’ TEA. Derived from the Japanese phrase “Ocha no naka no Ocha,” or “The Tea of ALL Teas!” the label lives up to its name. All teas are brewed authentically from non-GMO loose organic tea leaves, and are lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar so that the teas’ natural flavours are complemented rather than overpowered. Loaded with natural antioxidants and deliciously unique flavour, it’s hard to overindulge at only 80 calories per bottle.

You can even feel good about the environment— ITO EN is an environmentally conscious company and has reduced the carbon footprint of their bottles, and they recycle their tea leaves to make things like benches and household products.

No sugar with your tea?
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If you prefer zero calories in your tea, TEAS’ TEA also offers unsweetened teas, such as their black tea and green tea. The pure brew of these meticulously chosen tea leaves lets you appreciate their healthy and natural flavours.

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