Snag super-smooth video and stunning pics with advanced image stabilization, a splash-proof body and a Live View remote.

It doesn’t matter what your ultimate adventure is—Sony’s Action Cam HDR-AS200VR can capture every thrilling detail of your experience. With splash-proofing and SteadyShot Image Stabilization, this Action Cam can handle the roughest rides and most exciting excursions. The HDR-AS200VR applies Sony’s vast expertise in video production to a compact POV camera design, allowing adventurers to capture stunning full-HD video with rich 60Mbps data and up to 240p, even in slo-mo. With Sony’s Steady- Shot® image stabilization technology, the Action Cam suppresses shake and vibration, so that you can easily shoot stable images for maximum viewing enjoyment, even while moving around.

This Action Cam also has a great new feature called the “Highlight Movie Maker.” It’s a convenient function that automatically produces a short, edited highlight mp4 video of a recording session—complete with custom background music. This new technology uses an algorithm to analyze footage during recording, earmarking action shots, scene changes and other key moments and combining them into a shortened video clip that is saved separately and available immediately for sharing. Pair the HDR-AS200VR with the new supplied Live View remote control and you’ve got ultimate control over your video capture. The Live View remote makes it easy to capture scenes from multiple angles using up to five cameras all at the same time. You can monitor each camera at a glance, check shooting mode and cam status, start and stop all cams at once, and even change basic setup with one command.

Bentobox, Magazine, Japanese, Toronto, products, cultureMount the camera on your helmet using the new Helmet Side Mount

Bentobox, Magazine, Japanese, Toronto, products, cultureEasily view what your camera is looking at and connect up to five cameras simultaneously

Price: $429.99

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