Enjoy your gift from the ocean!

Yutaka offers the freshest ingredients with immaculately presented dishes to appeal to your eyes as well as your stomach.

Bentobox, Magazine, Japanese, Toronto, food, cultureOmakase sashimi set
Try the chef’s special sashimi tray with your special someone! This work of art is carefully created with the freshest fish and clams available each day.

Yellowtail neck
If the word “neck” scares you away, then you’ll be missing out on one of the best parts of the fish. The meat is sweet and tender, full of rich flavour and very juicy.



Bentobox, Magazine, Japanese, Toronto, food, cultureYutaka means “to harvest,” and at this newly opened restaurant, they harvest the best and the freshest ingredients from the sea. Mackerel, yellowtail, tuna and ocean trout … you can taste the subtle flavours of each fish in every mouthwatering slice of sashimi that Yutaka serves. When you learn that one of the chefs used to work at a fish market, you will understand why they are so committed to picking up the very best that the ocean has to offer.

If sushi and sashimi are not your first pick, how about trying the robata (fireside grill) bar?Robata is a Japanese-style barbecue where dishes are cooked up right in front of the restaurant’s customers. At Yutaka’s robata bar, sashimi-grade seafood and crisp vegetables are slow-grilled to perfection over smoking charcoal, bringing out and enhancing their flavours.

So, if you’re looking for a meal that you can enjoy with all of your senses, you’ll find it at Yutaka.



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King of seafood
Straight from Prince Edward Island, Yutaka’s lobster sashimi might be the freshest lobster dish you’ve ever tasted. Not a fan of raw seafood? It’s also delicious when grilled at the robata bar.
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Succulent artistry
Using AAA Canadian beef, this tataki dish is presented in the shape of a rosebud. The meat is incredibly tender and served with your choice of a citrus-soy or a su-miso (mustard-vinegar miso) dipping sauce.

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More than calamari
Look at the size of that squid! Its thick and rich meat makes it a delicious sashimi option—or you can try it in the form of thinly sliced Ika so-men (raw squid noodles).

The three culinary musketeers

Bentobox, Magazine, Japanese, Toronto, food, culture“The best way to enjoy fish is to eat while sipping a cup of good sake,” according to the three culinary musketeers at Yutaka: Osamu, Michi and Bill. With more than 25 years of experience in the restaurant industry, their trained eyes select only the freshest seafood of the season.


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TEL: 416-596-6877
157 Dundas St. W., Toronto
OPEN: Mon–Sun 11 am–10:30 pm
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