Nami’s assortment of unfailingly fresh fish, gorgeously grilled meats and oh-so-shareable soups is traditional Japanese cuisine at its best.


Fresh from the waves
From fatty toro to ocean trout, this beautifully presented sashimi is full of flavour and thickly sliced. So deliciously fresh you’ll wonder if these fish were caught the same day. (pictured top)

Robata course dinner
From succulent scallops to a miso-flavoured fish worth fighting over, this is the ideal dinner for those who want to try it all. (pictured bottom)



Hungry for more? Let’s dig in!

When you first walk into Nami, you might be fooled into thinking it’s one of the many newly opened Japanese restaurants across the city. The immaculate counter of ice housing the restaurant’s most prized possessions (fish!); the sushi bar so tidy you’d barely believe there were chefs hard at work; the perfectly pristine interior with surfaces so clean they practically shine. It must have just opened yesterday … right?

Wrong! Believe it or not, Nami has been a fixture on Adelaide Street East since 1984, with general manager/executive chef Tadashi Takinami creating delectable dishes for over 20 years. And after recently undergoing a mini makeover, Nami has refined its menu—rather than featuring just about everything, it now offers a more thoughtful selection of dishes considered the best of the very best.

Traditional in every sense of the word, Nami is definitely a treat for Japanese expats missing home as well as Japanophiles who’ve never set foot on the island. From a house-made wasabi you can’t help but love, to menu options like sukiyaki that are reminiscent of a home-cooked meal, to tatami rooms with sliding doors adorned by Japanese art, Nami offers a truly authentic taste of Japan.

And with an assortment of fish (many of which travel all the way from Japan), it’s no surprise that nami means “wave” in Japanese. When you bite into fish this fresh, it’s easy to close your eyes and imagine a lone fisherman, working in silence as the waves carry his boat off to sea.





Medley of mushrooms
Swimming in a tastebud-pleasing butter, soy sauce and sake marinade, this medley of Japanese mushrooms might just be the definition of umami.


Grilled to perfection
These chicken yakitori (grilled skewers) are lightly covered in a delightfully sweet teriyaki sauce that is made in-house. Bet you can’t eat just one!


Mildly sweet, yet rich in flavour, you’ll be glad your meal isn’t over when you’ve emptied the pot’s delicious contents. At meal’s end, throw some udon noodles in and start all over again.

Tadashi’s favourite
When it comes to uni (sea urchin), diners either love it or hate it. But Nami’s general manager/executive chef Tadashi Takinami sure loves it—with good reason. This “caviar” of seafood is imported all the way from Hokkaido, and it’s a steal at only $9 apiece. But hurry, this jewel from the sea is limited in quantity and goes fast. Get it before it’s gone!



Nami Japanese Restaurant
TEL: 416-362-7373
55 Adelaide St. E., Toronto
OPEN: Mon–Fri 11:45 am–2 pm, 5:30 pm–10 pm | Sat 5:30 pm–10 pm | Sun closed