Fire up your summer with Spicy Miso ramen

Hot and spicy might not sound like the best way to cool down, but this ramen is a perfectly delicious way to fight the heat.

Spicy Miso ramen
Spicy Miso Ramen

Served with spicy miso, ground pork, chashu, bean sprouts, scallions and kikurage mushrooms.

Summer is finally on our doorstep—the perfect time to indulge in a hot, spicy bowl of ramen. Yes, you read that right! While warm weather may tempt you to grab a cold treat, it turns out that eating hot and spicy food is a much more effective way to cool down, simply for the fact that it makes you sweat. So if you’re feeling the heat, head down to Ryoji Ramen & Izakaya and fight fire with fire by ordering a delicious bowl of Spicy Miso ramen. This fiery dish starts with the same slowsimmered, Hakata-style broth as Ryoji’s popular Tonkotsu ramen, giving it a rich and creamy texture.

Garlic cloves pickled in soy sauce

Garlic cloves pickled in soy sauce

This unique broth—featuring Ryoji’s signature noodles—is prepared inhouse on a daily basis and takes over 18 hours to be simmered to perfection. What sets the Spicy Miso ramen apart is the topping:  a mix of three types of Chinese miso to give it that spicy kick. The miso is then mixed with ground beef, and the dish is topped with chashu, bean sprouts, s c a l l i o n s and kikurage mushrooms—making this one of the best-tasting ways to spice up a summer day. For those who want even more stimulation for their tastebuds, Ryoji will provide you with a garlic press and a whole clove of soy-saucepickled garlic so you can dress your ramen as you see fit. The garlic takes the ramen’s flavours to a new level, allowing you to enjoy a different taste in the same bowl.

Summer is a great time to visit Ryoji, as the restaurant originally hails from Okinawa, the hottest place in Japan. When you walk through Ryoji’s doors, you’ll be greeted with an energetic echo of mensore! (meaning “welcome” in the Okinawan dialect). And once seated, you can enjoy the vibrant flavours of Okinawa the way they were intended: immersed in a friendly and tropical atmosphere.

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