Move over, summer—fall is quickly approaching! And that means it’s time to stock up on the stationery and supplies that will help you stay organized throughout the next school year. Do you need a little help getting ready to go back to school? Then come and discover your new favourite stationery from MUJI’s wide range of options—made with the high quality and careful design that characterizes all MUJI products.

1. PP Pen Case: A natural and simple design


This transparent pencil case is perfect for storing your favourite pens, allowing you to take a quick look at what’s inside. It is lightweight, but sturdy enough to keep your writing instruments secure.


2. Aluminum Pen Case: A time-tested bestseller for over 10 years


This simple, stylish and well-made pencil 4 case makes use of Japanese technology.It’s compact and slips easily into your backpack. Sure to be a staple of your daily school routine.



3. 36 Coloured Pencils in Tube Mini: Bright and vibrant colours


These 36 coloured pencils come in a cool and handy cardboard tube. Made of cedar, these sturdy pencils have a vibrant spectrum of colours that will make your school projects fun.


4. Afforestation Paper Notebook: Environmentally friendly with a smooth, silky texture


These notebooks are produced using recycled paper but the pages are still thick enough to prevent bleeding ink. These simple yet attractive notebooks are ideal for your basic writing needs.


5. Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen: A popular sell at MUJI’s Atrium branch



These gel ink pens are designed to give you smooth and beautifully clear lines that don’t smudge. The water-based colours are vivid and bright. Available in 0.38 mm, 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm.


6. Acrylic Mug Cup with Strainer: For your favourite drink to go


Enjoy your hot beverage of choice in this MUJI mug. It comes with a strainer, letting you brew up your favourite tea. You can also customize it with your own design!


7. Cotton Paper Postcards: Share your summer vacation memories


Remember the excitement of getting a postcard in the mail? With this cotton paper postcard, you can make your own and send it to your family, friends or someone special.


8. Portable Glasses Cleaner: Change your view for only a dollar


Check out these acrylic, non-woven fabric cloths for your glasses. The soft material will give you sparkling clear lenses without any scratches. Once you start using these, you won’t want to give them up.



9. Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser: A perfect way to refresh your study room

Aroma D Video 2_4c copy

Tired after a long day at school? This aroma diffuser uses ultrasonic waves to quietly disperse scented and relaxing mist into your environment. It also emits a soft, subtle light to calm your space.

Regular $69.50 | Large $109.50

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