Welcome to tranquility! No matter where you go, the Yamaha Relit lets you immerse yourself in the perfect atmosphere.


Light, shadow and sound create ambience, but it isn’t easy to get each one right. With Yamaha’s new and revolutionary lifestyle product, Relit, you have the creative control to fine-tune your surroundings with integrated lighting and audio.





Available in two models, the LSX-170 and the LSX-70, the Relit contains speakers with Bluetooth® that diffuse crisp and sensational 360-degree sound, as well as built-in LED lights. The conical and exceptional design of the LSX-170, which was built to fit on a shelf, makes this acoustic accomplishment a perfect interior design piece for any room. Six elegant rings of LED lights emit a beautiful and mood-enhancing glow to complement the music being played. The aptX® technology contained in the speakers delivers pure wireless sound that does not compromise on quality when Bluetooth® is used, and the device’s unique shape and its curved aluminum sheets give it characteristics that naturally enhance the acoustics. The brightness of the light can be adjusted for the perfect amount of glow to create your desired ambience.

The LSX-70 is a smaller member of the Relit family that was designed with the concept of portability in mind. Its high-quality leather grips, lightness and wireless capabilities make it ideal for transferring an intimate and relaxing atmosphere to any place. It’s also energy efficient, with an eight-hour battery life that lets you sit back and be immersed in your environment all day long. The sound is projected across 360 degrees so that your music sounds equally perfect for everyone in the room.

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DTA Controller app: Intuition at your fingertips

The DTA Controller app can be used on a smartphone or tablet to control both basic and advanced functions. Brightness can be adjusted across 10 levels, and you can adjust volume, set timers and customize frequency curves to find the perfect balance for the ambience you are trying to create.


More info: Yamaha Canada Music | ca.yamaha.com