With the temperature dropping, fall is the perfect time to begin to organize and redesign your personal space. In need of fresh and functional decorating ideas? MUJI’s extensive selection of furniture and storage products helps you simplify your surroundings to create more space and make the most out of your home.

1. Beds and Mattresses: Bedroom styling made easy

P12_Muji_bed01P12_Muji_mat copyP12_Muji_drawer copy

This rounded, wooden bed frame complements both traditional and modern rooms. You can adjust the firmness of the wooden box spring to suit your comfort level, and the pocket coil mattress is guaranteed to give you an extra-deep sleep. Space under the bed allows air to pass through easily—or it can be used as additional storage space.


The headboard has an adjustable angle, making it easy to set two beds together.

Wooden Bed Frame (Ash/Natural): Twin $390, Full $540

Pocket Coil Mattress: Twin $450, Full $650, Queen $750

Headboard: Twin $160, Full $210

Wooden Bed Storage Box: $140


2. Stacking Shelves: For fabulously functional walls

p9 Stacking Shelves

Do you have quite a few books? Knick-knacks? Items you’d like to display? These stacking shelves help you create storage while showcasing your favourite accessories. They also limit clutter! Choose from a wide collection of storage designs to personalize your walls.

Stacking Shelves Body (5, 3, 2 tiers, Regular/Wide, Oak/Walnut): $150–400

Stacking Chest Drawers (4, 2 tiers, Oak/Walnut): $120–150

3.Well-fitted Beads Sofa: A cosy place to lounge

p6 Well Fitted Beads Sofa P12_Muji_beadsCussion

Filled with round 0.5-mm polystyrene beads, this sofa provides the ultimate comfort when you need it most. Whether you’re in the mood to read, watch TV or indulge in a little catnap after a long day, it’s versatile enough to fit your needs.
Well-fitted Beads Sofa Body: $150
Well-fitted Beads Sofa Cover (Grey-Beige/Dark Brown): $45

4. PP Storage Boxes: Perfect organization tools for any room

p11 PP Storage Box Seriese P13_Muji_PPstorage

These storage boxes are essential in the quest for organization. They’re available in a range of sizes to suit your organizational needs, and the transparent nature of the boxes lets you quickly see what’s inside. You can even add wheels!

p16 PP Storage Box Series


With partition cases in multiple sizes, you can create a customized organization solution for your drawers.

Storage Boxes: $12–49 | Casters (4 pcs): $5

Stoppers (4 pcs, Large/Small): $5

Partition Case (Large/Medium/Small): $8.50


5. Acrylic Storage Boxes: The most popular storage item of all

Acrylic Storage_4c P13_srtageboxsH copy

These cleverly designed boxes hold everything from stationery to cosmetics, beautifully displaying your favourite items. Feeling fancy? Stack velour organizers to create a gorgeous jewelry box!

Acrylic Storage Boxes: $15–59

Velour Organizer: $6–15

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