Ramen for soy sauce lovers

Experience the Okinawan rendition of shoyu ramen at Ryoji Ramen and Izakaya.


Japanese love soy sauce (or shoyu) and Okinawans are no exception! One of the primary ingredients used in Japanese and Okinawan cuisine, soy sauce makes its mark at Ryoji in the shoyu ramen, a standout dish on the restaurant’s menu. Made by chefs who specialize in Okinawan cuisine, Ryoji’s shoyu ramen has introduced a unique and delicious flavour to Toronto.

The recipe originates from Okinawa, where Ryoji’s headquarters are located. Toppings are thoughtfully hand-picked by the head chef and prepared with care. Slices of herb-marinated chashu (braised pork), chopped scallions, menma (bamboo shoots) and a soft-boiled egg are piled into the bowl. At the centre, you’ll find arugula and a piece of narutomaki sitting on a bed of chopped cabbage. Two sheets of yakinori (roasted seaweed) are propped up against the edge of the bowl, perfect for soaking up the savoury broth.

Ryoji spends an equally great effort on every part of their ramen, including the creation of their dedicated soup base. Shoyu ramen features Ryoji’s signature soy sauce combined with a mix of chicken and pork broth (the ratio is about 2:8), plus a hint of radish and ginger. To top it all off, it is garnished with few drops of bonito oil and chicken oil. This fine-tuned recipe creates a perfect medley with the toppings and the whole-egg noodles: in each ramen dish, the smooth, aromatic broth, perfectly chewy noodles and dynamic toppings come together to create a burst of complementary textures and flavours.

With summer coming to an end and the chilly fall weather approaching, you may find yourself craving heartier foods. It’s no wonder that the au- tumn season is commonly known as the “season of appetite” in Japan! Whether you are hungry for something flavourful and hearty or something to warm your body up from the dropping temperatures, Ryoji’s shoyu ramen will satisfy your needs.


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A superfood in 18th-century Okinawa, tofuyo was popular among the aristocracy due to its health benefits and flavour. Made from dried shimadofu (Okinawa tofu) that is marinated in benikoji (red yeast rice) and Awamori (Okinawan sake), then fermented, tofuyo is rich in protein and good bacteria.

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