This brand new ride takes the Outlander to a new level

Redesigned, re-engineered and reborn with 100+ enhancements and just as many reasons to make it your number one choice.

The Mitsubishi Outlander has been available in Canada since 2002. Now in its third generation, the 2016 Outlander has been significantly redesigned. With the popularity of compact SUVs on the rise, Mitsubishi Motors has come up with clever new features that go above and beyond industry standards. To get a detailed look at the impressive lineup of new features, we asked Don Ulmer, senior product planning manager at Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada, for a rundown.


Senior product planning manager Don Ulmer and marketing specialist Naoko Mongeon

Premium Design

The new front design incorporates aspects from older models of the Lancer Evolution and Montero, keeping with Mitsubishi’s design heritage while heralding a new design language for the brand. The bold new look of the front bumper is accentuated by the fascia that bends around the grille.


Seats seven people with middle seats that slide to adjust legroom and straps that allow you to fold the seats with one hand.



Bento Box: What was the main focus and direction of the 100+ enhancements?

Mr. Ulmer: The enhancements span from exterior design to noise reduction. There’s been a lot of enhancements to sound isolation. So road noise, engine noise, wind noise … those have all been reduced dramatically from previous models. That’s not to say that the last one was not quiet. We’ve just made it even quieter. That’s particularly improved with our four cylinder engine, which has a new CVT transmission, making it much quieter than previous engine models. We also incorporated other things like special acoustic windshield glass and foam partition walls inside the door mirrors to reduce wind noise.

BB: What exactly is a CVT transmission?

CVT stands for continuously variable transmission, and it basically uses a belt and two pulleys to make it infinitely adjustable. This ensures the engine is in the best powerband, so you get the best combination of performance and fuel efficiency. However, that is only on our four cylinder models. Our other versions with the V6 engine are mated to a six-speed Sportronic automatic transmission. We’re actually the only Japanese compact SUV that still has a V6 option. Nobody else has that.

BB: Could you tell us about the changes on the outside as well?

The 2016 Outlander is the first vehicle that applies what Mitsubishi Motors calls Dynamic Shield Design. The 2016 Outlander was given an all-new front fascia design, and this is the new style and direction for the brand. We’ll be introducing the same design language in future models. The concept behind the Dynamic Shield Design was to give a strong appearance and presence from the front of the vehicle—and to convey the durability and the reliability of our product. That’s something that we back up with the 10-year warranty that we continue to offer on the Outlander.

Also on the outside, this is the first Mitsubishi in North America that employs LED headlamps. The LED headlamps come standard on our top-line GT, replacing the HID headlamps from previous models. They give a very bright and clean light, but the major benefit of LED over HID is the wattage use. They’re much more efficient and cheaper to replace. Another feature we applied to all versions of the Outlander is the LED daytime running lamps. It’s a signature that you notice even more at nighttime.

BB: There seem to be some cool new safety features as well.

We have a full complement of safety equipment on the vehicle that people have come to expect. It has seven airbags, including the driver knee airbag which is still quite uncommon, as well as ABS and traction control, Active Stability Control and various brake assist systems like Brake Override System and Electronic Brake Distribution. On the GT price line in particular, we have Forward Collision Mitigation, which warns if you’re getting too close to the vehicle in front of you to alert you of a potential collision. And, depending on the timing and the distance you are from that vehicle, the system can actually apply the brakes automatically and avoid a collision.

Another one is Adaptive Cruise Control. The nice thing about that one is that you can lock onto the vehicle you’re following and it will automatically adjust the speed for you. If the vehicle in front of you stops, the Adaptive Cruise Control will bring you to a complete stop as well. The Adaptive Cruise Control is a safety feature, but it is also a convenience feature that keeps you from having to adjust the speed manually.

BB: Could you tell us about the ecological technology on the vehicle?

We have a couple of different things in the vehicle related to the eco setting. We have the ECO mode itself, which is activated by a button in the centre part of the dash and is standard equipment on all price lines. ECO mode adjusts the transmission programming as well as things like air conditioning to improve fuel economy. There is also AWC ECO, which is one of the all-wheel control modes that helps improve fuel economy. Providing power to all four wheels causes a drag on the drivetrain which in turn uses more fuel. When set to the AWC ECO setting, the vehicle is primarily front wheel drive, and it will transfer power to the rear wheels only when it detects slippage, improving fuel economy and reducing emissions.

Each one of the many enhancements to the 2016 Outlander might seem like a small change, but they all combine to produce a premium and reliable vehicle that’s efficient, ecological and enjoyable.

The 2016 Outlander, starting from $25,998

 A new standard of sophistication


Premium Driving

With almost one third of the 100+ enhancements aimed at reducing noise by cleverly applying insulators, acoustic foam, dampers, silencers and reinforced braces, this is the quietest and smoothest Outlander ever.


Premium Safety

The Forward Collision Mitigation helps avoid frontal collisions with warnings and automatic braking, while the Super All Wheel Control system helps keep a firm grip under any conditions.


Premium Ecology

ECO mode helps you to drive in a more environmentally friendly fashion by employing energy-saving measures like reduced engine power on initial acceleration and a controlled air conditioning system.


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