Meatless, fishless and delicious

Ryoji’s Vegetable Ramen provides a memorable twist on a traditional favourite.


What makes Ryoji special—other than being the only Okinawan restaurant in Toronto? The answer is a commitment to traditional values while fostering creative innovation in the kitchen. As a successful restaurant in business for nearly 20 years, Ryoji understands the need to accommodate a variety of dietary preferences, and it has been steadily building up its vegetarian options. Rather than offering up your average salad-like ramen or an uninspired assortment of vegetables, Ryoji showcases meatless, fishless eating at its best with an Okinawan delicacy: Vegetable Ramen.

Although it carries a generic name, the dish is unique and memorable. Thoughtfully selected toppings set this bowl of ramen apart. A mountain of pea shoots sits atop a bed of cabbage, surrounded by shiitake mushrooms, bell peppers and aromatic vegetables such as leeks, carrots and celery, with deep-fried garlic sprinkled on top. Not only is this dish beautifully constructed, it also boasts an extra crunch and perfectly balances the texture of the noodle.

Ryoji’s Vegetable Ramen also uses a special noodle. Unlike the typical ramen noodle, which uses the whole egg, the noodle used in this dish contains only egg whites. This gives it a noticeably lighter texture and milder taste.

However, the most outstanding (and surprising) feature of the dish is the soup broth. Without pork, chicken and bonitos, it can be challenging to create a broth that tastes complete. Thankfully, Ryoji has risen to the challenge and has proven that fishless and meatless doesn’t have to mean flavourless. Their shiitake-based soup broth has a well-rounded and complex flavour thanks to the inclusion of basil paste and hints of olive oil, paprika and black pepper.

When people think of vegetarian dishes, Japanese cuisine (and ramen!) may not come to mind, but Ryoji is proof that there are many options out there. Ramen isn’t just traditional food; it can also be a blank canvas to showcase different flavours and styles. Ryoji created this high-quality vegetarian ramen because everyone deserves delicious food. No matter if you’re a vegetarian, looking to reduce your meat consumption or just looking for a memorable meal, Ryoji has something for you.

Ryoji Ramen & Izakaya
690 College St., Toronto | TEL. 416-533-8083
Open Hours: Mon-Thurs 11:30am-12am | Fri-Sat 11:30am -2am | Sun 11:30am-10:30pm