This almighty device has everything you need

You won’t believe what this point-and-shoot is capable of. Both high-tech and tough, the Canon PowerShot G3 X is packed full of features that make it perfect for any adventure.


A compact camera that offers it all


Canon’s first superzoom compact camera with a 1.0-type back-illuminated CMOS sensor delivers photos that are at a level that has never been achievable by compact cameras before. And it lets you share them with the world on the spot with built-in Wi-Fi capability.

The versatile G3 X is the perfect companion for any occasion or adventure that your life might bring you. From seamless telephoto shooting to dynamic close-ups or action shots, you can capture the littlest details and every shade of any colour without ever having to change your lens.

25x Optical Zoom Lens


The longest zoom in its class, the powerful 25x zoom opens up a world of possibilities that you would have never thought possible with a point-and-shoot. You can snap everything from wide landscapes to dynamic close-ups without ever having to change your lens. The brand new f/2.9-5.6 lens prevents aberration and peripheral illumination loss over the whole telephoto range and captures everything in high image qual- ity with a simple click, and you can easily add background blur with DSLR-level definition using your toolbox. The camera is also ideal for capturing action and delivers crisp and spectacular 1080p Full-HD video.

1.0-inch High-Sensitivity CMOS Sensor


One of the biggest sensors in its class and one of the best features about this camera, the CMOS sensor collects more light in less time and helps to capture images with vibrant colours and details in any type of lighting condition. Regular cameras have sensors that are only a quarter of its size and capability, which means that this has superior image quality, produces less noise and has more of a dynamic range.

Shoot with style


Simple, angular and esthetically pleasing, the G3 X is by itself a piece of art. The intuitive and user- friendly controls were painstakingly designed from the photographer’s perspective—meaning everything is within reach so that you are always ready to capture the perfect image.

The bright 3.2-inch Multi-Angle capacitive touch panel LCD screen has a resolution of 1.62 million dots for crystal clear display and easy operation. It can also be adjusted to various angles, up to 180 degrees for the perfect selfie or 45 degrees to capture overheard shots.

The rugged companion


The last thing you want to worry about when you’re outdoors capturing incredible images is your camera getting damaged by the elements. Canon has worked to ease your mind of that worry, and the G3 X is dust-and water-resistant because of its impeccable body panel construc- tion and rubber sealing. With a tough metal body and reliable weather sealing, you don’t have to buy additional and heavy protective equipment. This camera is ready to withstand pretty much anything, anywhere.

The G3 X showcases the best of modern technology, with excellent image quality, user-friendliness and high-tech features built into the camera, such as Wi-Fi, pairing to Android devices and creative filters. At this price point, you will not find anything else with this level of capability and versatility.



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