Western and Japanese, performing arts and culinary arts, tradition and innovation — Toronto’s Yamato Japanese Restaurant has it all.


Playing with your food

Yamato’s teppanyaki tricks are fun to watch, but also produce tasty meals. Who knew an “onion volcano” could taste so good? (bottom dish shown in picture)

Bold ginger flavour

The ika sugata yaki gets a sweet kick and tender quality from the homemade ginger marinade.  (top right dish shown in picture)

Hungry for more? Let’s dig in!

Teppanyaki cuisine has been impressing diners with its original cooking method and awe-inspiring tricks since its arrival in North America in the 1960s. Yamato, one of Toronto’s first teppanyaki restaurants, has refined the art of teppanyaki since opening in Yorkville in 1983.

Specializing in teppanyaki and sushi, Yamato is built to accommodate these two categories. The sushi area is bright and elegantly decorated with the sushi bar as its main focal point. The open-concept teppanyaki area features several teppanyaki grills and dramatic lighting to highlight the performances.

P09-1In a performance called Imperial, Chef Daren prepares vegetables (mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, zucchini and carrots), filet mignon, shrimp, and teriyaki chicken. He begins by skilfully building an onion tower and igniting it to create an “onion volcano.” Even if you’re familiar with teppanyaki tricks (or at least have watched them on YouTube), it’s always exciting to see it done in front of you, especially with Daren’s captivating precision and joy. And when the rest of the vegetables, meat and fish have all been cooked, the dish tastes even better than it looks.

Yamato’s sushi is equally impressive. The dragon roll, featuring tempura shrimp and eel surrounded by tobiko (fish roe) and topped with avocado, is a delightful mix of flavours and textures. The roll is seasoned with Yamato’s own homemade eel sauce and spicy mayo, further elevating its sophisticated and intricate flavours.

With its elegant atmosphere, mouth-watering cuisine and memorable performances, Yamato blends food and entertainment to create an absolute feast for the senses.




Dazzling and delicious

Sushi is art at Yamato, with rolls that look as beautiful and complex as they taste.



Top-notch ingredients

Quality angus beef is seared to perfection under chef Daren’s capable hands.


Master Chef and Performer, Daren

Daren studied culinary arts in the Philippines before working as a chef in Canada. Over the course of three years at Yamato, he has mastered his teppanyaki tricks.

A passionate and dedicated performer, Daren now show-cases his skills to visitors from all over the world at Yamato. Making people happy is his biggest motivation to refine his talents and perform each night.


Yamato Japanese Restaurant


TEL: 416-927-0077    24 Bellair St., Toronto

OPEN HOURS: Lunch: Mon–Fri 11:30 am–3 pm Sat–Sun 12 pm–3:30 pm, Dinner: Mon–Fri 5 pm– 11 pm • Sat 4 pm–11 pm / Sun 4 pm–10 pm