Water is at the heart of skin care products. MUJI’s products are formulated with spring water that has filtered over decades through layers of rock and granite in the caves of Mount Omine in Iwate Prefecture. The result is optimal pH-level water that works together with other natural ingredients through convenient product applicators to help give you glowing, healthy skin.

1. Sensitive Skin Care Series: Treat your delicate skin


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Stress, exposure to harsh UV rays and changes in the weather are all factors that can cause your skin to become sensitive, dry and itchy. MUJI’s hypoallergenic skin care products help minimize irritation and soften your skin, while ingredients like grapefruit seed and common purslane extract keep you moisturized. Travel sizes are available for those on the go.

Foaming Face Wash: 220ml $11.50 | Oil Cleansing: 50ml $6.50, 200ml $14.50
Toning Water: 50ml $4.50, 200ml $10 | Moisturizing Milk: 50ml $4.50–$5.50, 200ml $10–$11.50 |Moisturizing Cream: 50g $14.50

2. Spray/Pump Head: Push easily and steadily


MUJI’s spray head can be used with toning water bottles to easily apply the product as a mist, ensuring your skin stays moisturized. Compact and convenient, you can keep products with the spray head attached in your purse, sports bag or travel bag. Hydrate your skin and quickly refresh your makeup anytime, anywhere.

A pump head is also available for moisturizing milk bottles.

$3.50 each

3. Anti-aging Skin Care Series: Reverse the signs of aging




These anti-aging products contain ten types of natural plant-based ingredients and five kinds of moisturizing ingredients, including Lipidure, hyaluronic acid and water-soluble collagen. They help the skin to regenerate, maintain its elasticity and stay bright.
Moisturizing Face Wash: 100g $14.50 | Cleansing Gel Cream: 150g $20

Toning Water: 50ml $7.50, 200ml $24 | Moisturizing Milk: 50ml $7.50, 150ml $24

4. Face Sheet Mask: Upgrade your daily skin care routine.



If you’re looking for a way to give your skin extra nutrition, give this sheet mask a try. MUJI’s compressed sheet masks are made of pulp which is great at absorbing lotion. Simply soak it with your favourite toning water, apply it to your face and enjoy the refreshing benefits.

5pcs $2, 20pcs $5.50



Apply the mask evenly to your face and relax for 5–10 minutes.

5. Forming Net and Forming Net Ball: Whip up the perfect face wash.


The bubble-forming net and ball turn your normal face wash into a fluffy foam. Washing your face with soft, whipped bubbles minimizes stress on making it clear and smooth.
Forming Net for Face Wash: $1.75
Forming Net Ball: Small $2, Large $3

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