From math rock to mainstream pop, tricot shine on stage.

tricot (pronounced to-ri-ko) are a female rock band from Kyoto known for playing intricate music with blistering power and uncanny precision. Admirably, tricot don’t flaunt the female card by using sex appeal or by acting cute or ‘grrrl punk.’ Instead they let their music do the talking and put on an absolutely ferocious live show that rivals that of al- most any rock band in the world, male or female.

Functionally, tricot are a quartet, but the band was originally formed in 2010 by just three girls: Ikkyu Nakajima (vocals, guitar), Motoko Kida (lead guitar) and Hiromi Sagane (bass). Although Kazutaka Komaki became the official drummer in 2011, he and tricot parted ways last year and Miyoko Yamaguchi (ex-detroit7) currently drums in support.

What separates tricot from the vast majority of female bands is the complexity of their music. There is a lot of angular guitar phrasing with quick stop/ start transitions. The focal point of tricot’s music is Kida’s guitar melodies which follow the unusual intervals characteristic of progressive or ‘math rock.’


Photo by Ohagi

The math rock community around the world has embraced tricot’s music even though tricot themselves aren’t familiar with the genre. The intricacy of tricot’s music is influenced by the technical proficiency of Japanese bands such as ACIDMAN, Number Girl and Shiina Ringo / Tokyo Jihen as opposed to toe, Natsumen or LITE. And despite the ‘mathy’ elements, tricot’s music has great pop sensibility and does not stray far from mainstream rock.

On stage is where tricot really shine as a band. Ikkyu, who performs barefoot, commands the stage with beauty and confidence, playing guitar and deftly switching vocal styles from whispers to emotional croons to spoken word to heart-felt screams. Kida a.k.a. ‘Motifour’ is a veritable dancing machine as she shreds on guitar with the utmost skill. She’s been known to dive into the crowd on occasion and continue playing guitar while crowd-surfing. Hiromi a.k.a. ‘hirohiro’ is cute as a button but steadfast in ripping through speedy basslines with clockwork precision. And support drummer Miyoko is absolutely beastly in pounding her kit into submission with intricate lines and fills.

tricot have performed at every major music festival in Japan and have skyrocketed to success in the Japanese indie music scene. Every major label is salivating at the thought of signing tricot but the band proudly stays DIY (do it yourself) by recording and releasing music on their very own label, Bakuretsu Records.

Watching tricot perform is truly an awe-inspiring experience. They have a great sense of humour and love interacting with the crowd through games of call and response. Although tricot sound great on record, their studio albums don’t come close to capturing the hardcore ferocity and ebullient energy of their live shows.

In October tricot will be touring North America for the very first time. They stop by Toronto with a show at Lee’s Palace on October 17. tricot were recently named one of ‘Ten New Artists You Need To Know’ by Rolling Stone magazine. They are one of the best live bands in the world and should not be missed.


tricot with guests Heyrocco and New Design

Saturday, October 17, 9:00 pm *19+ Venue: Lee’sPalace(529BloorSt.W.,Toronto)

Tickets: $12.50