November is here and the holidays are just around the corner. With the weather cooling down, be sure to wrap yourself up in the festive spirit to keep warm! If you’re looking for unique, thoughtful gifts to give to your family, friends or that special someone, you’ll find MUJI’s exclusive collection has everything you need and more to show some love this holiday season.

1. Cuckoo clock: Fill your home with sweet, modern chimes


This charming cuckoo greets you every half hour with a warm, comforting call. Modern upgrades include a light sensor that automatically shuts off the sound feature as soon as the room becomes dark, so you can sleep without interruption. Choose from white, brick red and brown to complement your home.

Small $89.00 | Large $109.00


2. Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser: Breathe in peace, breathe out relaxation


This smartly designed diffuser disperses essential oils into the air with an extremely fine mist, discreetly adding a peaceful aroma to the room. Feeling stressed by work or school? Relax on the couch or meditate in a quiet space with the help of this diffuser. Its simple esthetic suits any room in the house.

Small $69.50 | Large $109.50 Essential Oil $16.50 each


3. Wall-Mounted CD Player: Turn up the volume and cut a rug


Compact, stylish and easy to use, MUJI’s wall-mounted player is perfect for music buffs with large CD collections. Listen to soft jazz while cooking dinner or put on a love song and turn your living space into a romantic ballroom. Simply pull the string to start up the player and enjoy your favourite tunes.


4. Wool Mix Good Fit Right Angle Nep Socks & Ribbed Knit Watch Cap:  Stay fashion friendly through freeze


The snow and cold may be upon us but this is no time to hibernate! These socks and caps will keep you toasty and trendy all winter long. The socks are made at a deliberate 90-degree angle to fit comfortably and sensibly on your feet. The cap is made from fine wool fibres and features a beautiful ribbed finish.

Wool Mix Good Fit Right Angle Nep Socks $9.50 Ribbed Knit Watch Cap $19.00

5. Cotton Flannel Blanket & Cushion Slippers: Warm up to winter this year



Grab a mug of tea and a good book and create a comfy, cosy space with these super soft, snuggly items. Bundle up in your own personal cocoon with the downy blanket and give your feet the comfort they’ve been craving with soft, cushioned slippers. You might find winter isn’t so bad after all!

Cotton Flannel Blanket (Red check/Green check) $39.00

Cotton Flannel Cushion Slippers (Green check) $39.00

6. Large Cashmere Stole: Add a touch of luxury to everyday outfits


MUJI’s 100 percent cashmere stoles are must-haves for the wintry months ahead. Soft and delicate additions to any wardrobe, they can be draped over your everyday garments to help keep you warm, comfortable and fashionable all through the chilly season. $79.00

7. Touch Panel Gloves: Text and call without hesitation.


Tempted to text but wary of frozen fingers? Regular gloves aren’t compatible with phone and tablet touchscreens but these gloves let you text, type, swipe and scroll as if you were using your bare hands. Say goodbye to freezing your fingertips in the winter! $25.00


8. Sharp Pencil with Low Centre of Gravity & Aluminum Hexagonal Ballpoint Pen: Indulge in winter writing.


MUJI’s sharp pencil and aluminum hexagonal ballpoint pen are the perfect gifts for the artists and writers in your life. The pencil’s low centre of gravity helps keep the artist’s hand steady, and the hexagonal ballpoint pen promotes a sturdy and comfortable grip for writers with much to say.

Sharp Pencil with Low Centre of Gravity $7.00

Aluminum Hexagonal Ballpoint Pen $7.00


Stamp Wrap with love and give with pride.


Design your own personal gift wrap this year with stamps and coloured ink from MUJI’s vast and diverse stamp collection. Imagine giving gifts as unique and creative on the outside as they are on the inside—this small gesture goes a long way with friends and loved ones!

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