For the seafood lover seeking an authentic experience reminiscent of Tokyo’s high-end restaurants, it’s got to be Katsura at the Westin Prince Toronto.


Unsurpassed freshness

Katsura’s sashimi is made of the highest quality fish, imported from Japan (including Tokyo and Fukuoka), Europe and America. (top left dish shown in picture)

Autumn menu

Black cod is marinated in white saikyo miso and elegantly presented with edible leaves to highlight the beauty of autumn. (bottom dish shown in picture)

Itadakimasu! Let’s eat!

At Katsura, chef Tanahashi’s mandate, like his fare, is straightforward: to surpass all other Japanese restaurants in terms of authenticity and quality. This means using only the freshest fish in season, including importing fish from Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji Market. You won’t find much fusion cuisine here; instead, Tanahashi says, customers should be able to close their eyes and imagine they’re having dinner in Tokyo’s upscale Ginza neighbourhood.

The menu at Katsura manages to be diverse while sticking to the Japanese tradition of dining by season. As the weather cools, Katsura’s menu features warming classics like their udonsuki hot pot, a mix of flaky crab and crispy vegetables in a light fish broth. Tanahashi names ayu, or freshwater trout, as his favourite fish to prepare and a great example of how attuned Japanese cuisine is to the changing temperature. Throughout the year the flavour of ayu changes—for example in August the fish is fattier, and in September the fish have eggs. And throughout the dishes on the menu, the restaurant’s commitment to quality is evident: Katsura’s sashimi has a sprightly texture and depth of flavour you won’t find elsewhere.

Located in Toronto’s Westin Prince Hotel, Katsura features beautiful private tatami rooms, a teppanyaki bar and an elegant dining area. According to Tanahashi, it’s the oldest Japanese restaurant in the city, so they’ve got a reputation to maintain. Expect a calm environment paired with exceptional service.

With fresh ingredients imported from Japan and elegantly presented in flavourful combinations, Katsura offers Torontonians an opportunity to experience traditional Japanese dining at its best.


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Winter warmup

Udonsuki with fresh seafood and vegetables in a light fish-based broth is guaranteed to keep you warm.



Regional delicacies

Japanese sudachi, a lime-like fruit, adds a light, refreshing hint of citrus to this traditional matsutake cuisine.



Dessert is served

Delicate champagne sorbet with an assortment of fruit is the perfect complement to a meal of light yet flavourful seafood.

Chefs Tanahashi and Onishi

Katsura’s executive chef Tanahashi and sous chef Onishi both hail from Japan, and both were trained in the art of Kaiseki (traditional fine dining) before coming to Canada. At Katsura, they work as a team to bring a Japanese spirit to the kitchen. The result is an authenticity to their dishes that sets Katsura apart.


Katsura Japanese Restaurant at the Westin Prince Toronto
TEL: 416-444-2511, 647-259-3230

900 York Mills Rd., Toronto

OPEN HOURS: Lunch: Tues–Fri 12 pm–2:30 pm
Dinner: Sun–Mon 5:30 pm–9 pm • Tues–Sat 5:30 pm–10 pm