All the deliciousness of ramen, dipping style!

Take a dip into this upside-down way of enjoying ramen.


Here’s some good news: Ryoji’s Tsuke Soba, originally introduced as a summer special, is now here to stay. For those of you who’ve never tried Tsuke Soba (also called tsukemen) before, think of it as ramen where the soup and the noodles are separated. The point is to dip the noodles into the soup one chop-stickful at a time. The experience is quite different from your typical bowl of ramen, and it allows you to better enjoy the texture of the noodles and toppings, since they are kept from getting soggy in the soup.

Ryoji offers two types of Tsuke Soba: Bonito Tonkotsu-Shoyu and Spicy Black Sesame Miso Tonkotsu. The bonito soup is a tonkotsu-and shoyu-based broth with fish powder that gives it a savoury robustness. This option comes with a yuzu pepper paste that you can put into the soup for a refreshing change of flavour. The black sesame soup is a tonkotsu-based broth with black sesame and spicy miso, adding a flavourful kick that is satisfying even when the noodles are dipped lightly.

Both soups are served hot and you have a choice of either cold or hot noodles. The noodles for Ryoji’s Tsuke Soba are not the conventional soba made with buckwheat but rather Okinawa Soba, which is made with flour. Both options are topped with soft-boiled eggs, bamboo shoots, arugula and seaweed, and chopped chashu (pork) comes inside the soup. Since the soup is thicker than the conventional ramen you can ask for wari soup at the end of the meal, which means the restaurant will add shio broth to the soup so you can drink it.

It is a culinary experience that needs to be tried to be fully appreciated—and one that’s definitely too delicious to pass up!

If you need any more reasons to visit Ryoji, they have introduced a larger lunch menu and will be offering nabe (Japanese hot pot) for the winter (only available with a reservation). They are also holding their popular Okinawa Night on November 20, so be sure to mark your calendars.

Ryoji Ramen & Izakaya
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