Nohohon Tea Room is the perfect spot to nourish your body and mind.

Nohohon in Japanese means “a pleasant state of mind; calm; tranquil.” So it’s fitting that Nohohon Tea Room is a place to unwind and breathe in the bustle of our city, a place where tension can be released. Owner Nanako Mizutani has created a cosy space where customers can sample a little taste of Japan and nourish their souls with healthful tea.

P44_3Nanako came to Canada from Yokohama City eight years ago, determined to have a career of her own. After opening a franchised tea shop in Toronto, where she observed first-hand what goes into the mass production of most imported bubble teas, Nanako made the decision to open up a Japanese tea shop that benefits both the body and the soul. Now, at just 27 years old, she’s made that vision into a reality.

At Nohohon, Nanako uses matcha imported from Japan and all-natural, “real food” ingredients in her beverages. As well as the popular bubble tea (so named for those addictive, chewy tapioca balls, which Nanako makes with sugarcane syrup and a hint of vanilla rather than refined sugar), Nohohon specializes in matcha teas. Matcha is a finely ground powder made from specially grown green tea leaves, and it is believed to have more health benefits than steeped tea. Matcha contains less caffeine than coffee, is rich in antioxidants, contains vitamins and minerals, and is thought to give your metabolism a boost.

P44_2In addition to tapioca, lychee jelly, grass jelly and red bean are options that can be added to any of the beverages at Nohohon. Customers also have the option of a sugar-free sweetener, soy milk or almond milk.

The Tokyo Fog tea, made with 2 per cent milk, matcha, vanilla and agave syrup, is the most popular beverage at Nohohon. The taste is subtle and delicate, and the tea is a perfect balance of flavours. After the first sip, I wished that I had ordered the larger size! I also tried the taro smoothie with lychee jelly. The use of real taro gave the drink a natural peachy colouring, rather than the almost-fluorescent purple I’m used to with taro bubble tea. This one was a hit with my three-year-old as well, and I felt good knowing that she was consuming something that was both delicious and healthy for her.



Staff: Ariel Litteljohn

Ariel is often on the hunt for tasty bites, whether it be a flavourful tomato found at a local farmer’s market, peppered pomfret at a restaurant in Mumbai or takoyaki devoured on a small street in Osaka. Her accompaniments of choice are her husband, David, and their young daughters, Freya and Lumen.



Nohohon Tea Room

467 Queen St. W., Toronto | 416-603-2366 | Open: Sun–Thurs 11:30 am–9 pm • Fri–Sat 11:30 am–10 pm