Autumn is considered one of the most beautiful seasons in Kyoto, and thousands of visitors come every year to enjoy the “kōyō”, or fall colors. The changing of the leaves, the brisk chill in the air, and delicious seasonal foods all combine to make a trip to Kyoto an unforgettable experience. Come along on an autumn journey filled with ancient temples, stylish streets, tasty treats, and breathtaking natural scenery. We could go on forever about how beautiful Kyoto is in the fall, but all you need to do to find out is press “play”!

How many of the Kyoto sights can you recognize? For those interested in exactly where each shot was taken, check the end of the video for locations and times. Thanks for watching!

00:00 – Tō-ji Temple, Nanzen-ji Sanmon Gate, Kiyomizu-dera
00:08 – Café % Arabica (Higashiyama)
00:14 – Yasaka Tower
00:26 – Suirokaku Aqueduct, Nanzen-ji Sanmon Gate
00:40 – Tenju-an
00:57 – Tōfukuji
01:06 – Kyoto Botanical Garden
01:30 – Aburi-mochi at Kazariya Japanese Café
01:47 – Imamiya Shrine, Kyoto Botanical Garden
01:55 – Togetsukyo Bridge (Arashiyama)
02:00 – Gio-ji
02:07 – Daikaku-ji
02:19 – Arashiyama Station (Keifuku Line)
02:25 – Nishiki Market
02:29 – Eikan-dō
02:44 – Kiyomizu-dera


Source: Kyoto Fan – Youtube account