To promote and share Japan’s incredible food cultures with the world, the Japanese yakitori izakaya Zakkushi opened its first Canadian store in downtown Vancouver in August of 2004. Using binchotan charcoal imported from Japan, Zakkushi was the first restaurant to bring genuine charcoal yakitori to Canada, and it has been offering savoury Japanese soul food to Canadian foodies ever since.

In 2012, Zakkushi was warmly welcomed in Toronto, and the restaurant group quickly expanded its business to include ramen and sushi by opening up Ramen Raijin and Sushi Bar Sushiya in the following years. With its group of unique restaurants offering a diversified approach to delicious Japanese eats, Zakkushi has established itself as a leader in Toronto’s Japanese food scene.

P43-4The well-loved Sapporo Beer Blast campaign (which offers a Sapporo beer pitcher for $9.99) has gone with the summer, but a new surprise is here to stay: Zakkushi has announced great new additions to the menu along with some improvements to its most popular items.

Some of the most tempting items in the new lineup include skewered pork cheeks and curry poutine. Some Canadians may not be too familiar with pork cheeks, but they’re one of the most popular items in Japanese izakayas. Cheek meat is both tender and low in fat—and this dish gives you a taste of real Japanese izakaya fare. For a Canadian twist, curry poutine is a fusion creation. Enjoy Japanese-style curry served on top of golden fries.

If you can’t decide where to start on the extensive menu, Zakkushi’s signature Premium Set is a great party opener. The set includes Wagyu Beef, Premium Beef Tongue, Duck Breast, freerange Chicken Momo and Wagyu Beef Tukune skewers. It’s a great way to sample a range of the tasty dishes on Zakkushi’s yakitori menu.

After enjoining some juicy yakitori, don’t forget to treat yourself some more with Zakkushi’s newest dessert: an ever-so-creamy Hojicha Pudding that will put the perfect finish on a great night out.


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