It’s that time of year again. December has arrived, bringing us all the joy of the holiday season—and the opportunity to show our loved ones some appreciation! Create your own gift-set compositions and wrap them up with MUJI’s fantastic wrapping accessories. It will make your gifts more personal, fun and memorable.

1. Non-woven Wrapping Cloth, Making Tape, Wrapping Bags Gusset Type and Chiyogami:

Fun and unique wrapping ideas!


Try this traditional Japanese wrapping cloth called furoshiki. It’s eco-friendly and suits gifts of any shape. MUJI’s simple and cool-shaped gusset bags are another way to dress up your seasonal gifts. Complete your wrapping using beautifully patterned chiyogami and elegantly designed masking tapes.

Non-woven Wrapping Cloth: $3.00 | Wrapping Bags Gusset Type (available in 5 sizes): $4.00–8.00 | Masking Tape (3pc): $6.00 | Chiyogami: $4.50

P10-2 P10-3 P10-11

These eye-catching wrapping products help you put the finishing touch on your thoughtful gifts.

2. Porcelain Tray and Ring Holder: Elegant, chic and refined

P10-4 P10-5 P10-6

Display your favourite accessories with these softly curved trays and corn-shaped ring holders. Keep them wherever you remove your rings, glasses or watches. The round trays and ring holders are also available in five colours, which can match any room in your home.

Porcelain Tray: Small $7.50 Large $12.00, Round $5.50 Porcelain Ring Holder: $5.00

3. Wool Ribbed Scarf and Wool Ribbed Watch Cap: Stay comfy in style

P11-2 P11-1

These cosy, warm and soft-textured watch caps and scarf sets are great Christmas gifts for everyone. The simple design looks great with any outfit—so these items will keep you warm and stylish.

Wool Ribbed Scarf: $39.00
Wool Ribbed Watch Cap: $39.00

4. Porcelain Teapot and Dong Ding Oolong Tea: Warm up in wintertime


It is time to enjoy the indoor pleasures of hot drinks from a beautiful teapot. There is no doubt that this traditional, yet modern teapot would be anyone’s favourite. It makes a unique and cool gift.
Porcelain Teapot: $25.00
Dong Ding Oolong Tea: $5.00


5. Toning Water and Moisturizing Milk: The perfect gift for the skincare lover.



As the temperature begins to drop, the air becomes dry and our skin needs special care. Formulated with spring water and other natural ingredients, MUJI’s skincare products help keep your skin looking smooth and healthy.

Toning Water: 50 mL $4.50, 200 mL $10.00

Moisturizing Milk: 50 mL $4.50–5.50, 200 mL $10.00–11.50

6. Notebook, Pen Case and Pen: Create your ideal stationary set

P11-7 P11-6


Bring a smile to someone’s face with your original stationery from MUJI’s extensive collection. They are the biggest sellers at MUJI’s downtown location—because they’re suited for anyone, from children to adults.

Afforestation Paper Notebook: $4.00 | Hexagonal Twin Pen: $1.25 | Aluminum Pen Case: $9.00

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