Kasa Moto woos diners with upscale ambience and an eclectic menu of Japanese fusion.


Table size YakinikuKasa

Mato’s Yakiniku (self-cooked barbecue) uses top-quality Japanese Wagyu beef. The soft, savoury meat pairs beautifully with the house-made sauces. (bottom dish shown in picture)

Hamachi Ponzu

One of the menu’s most popular dishes, the Hamachi Ponzu sashimi is fresh and full of flavour, with a light yuzu infusion.(top left dish shown in picture)

Hungry for more? Let’s dig in!

P09-1Some restaurants use pretty décor as a smokescreen for mediocre fare. Not so at Kasa Moto. The newest venture from the Chase Hospitality Group, this restaurant and lounge in Yorkville is a win on all counts with high-quality ingredients, innovative dishes, artistic presentation—and a huge rooftop patio with comfortable, sofa-like seating.

Kasa Moto opened this past spring and features classic Japanese dishes with a contemporary twist. One of the menu’s artistic offerings is the Grilled Sea Bass, garnished with seaweed and dusted with a concoction of tabasco powder that gives it a deep and spicy kick. Another popular item is the Rock Shrimp Tempura. Lightly flavoured and sprinkled with yuzu pepper, it’s the perfect pairing to a cocktail.

Soft lighting, subtle lounge music and attentive servers set the tone for a dining experience that’s a delight to all the senses. Though destroying the colourful and immaculate presentation may cause slight pangs of guilt, it’s worth it as the food is every bit as appetizing as it looks. The restaurant uses a mix of ingredients imported from Japan, like authentic wasabi, and fresh meat and fish from right here in Canada.

For a trendy lounge and quality Japanese cuisine that lives up to the ambience, you can’t beat Kasa Moto.



The Kasa Moto Roll

Kasa Moto’s signature sushi roll combines spicy salmon with scallops and lobster for a mouth-watering fusion delicacy.


Grilled Sea Bass

Featuring the unlikely combination of dried tabasco and seaweed flakes, Kasa Moto’s Grilled Sea Bass is spicy and delicious.


Soba Salad

This healthy salad features Japanese buckwheat noodles infused with green tea. It’s garnished with a creamy sesame dressing and crumbled cashews.


Kasa Moto

TEL: 647-348-7000
115 Yorkville Ave., Toronto
OPEN HOURS: Mon–Fri 11 am–Close • Sat–Sun 10:30 am–Close