Panasonic’s technology-focused beauty products bring professional results at the push of a button.

Who better to trust with the engineering of your beauty products than one of Japan’s leading electronics companies?

Flat-screen TVs and cameras might be the first things that come to mind when you hear the word “Panasonic,” but the versatile company has also been innovating in the world of beauty prod- ucts since 1937. The same level of cutting-edge technology and thoughtful design that characterizes Panasonic’s more mainstream products is also showcased in each of its offerings that are engineered to beautify its customers.

The Nano-Ionic Facial Steamer is an example of where Panasonic brought together some of its best engineers to get tech geeks and beauty queens equally excited. Ultra-fine nanoparticles flow out in the form of steam that is hundreds of times smaller than normal steam, and they penetrate down to the deeper layers of your skin to retain moisture—which is the key to helping skin appear younger and elastic. This machine rivals the finest steamers in professional spas and is a must-have item for people serious about taking care of their skin.



Ionic Facial Steamer

Steam made with nanopar-ticles deep-cleans your pores and penetrates the skin with lasting moisture. Choose from two steam-therapy sessions depending on your skin’s needs: full (six minutes) or half (three minutes).

Enhancing your beauty regimen

It’s all because of Nanoe™ 

P13_nanoe-logoNanoe ™  is Panasonic’s claim to fame:
it’s a technology that produces nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particles, or more simply put, ionized droplets that provide moisture for smooth and shiny hair.


No more bad hair days with this moisturizing dryer

The Nanoe ™ Hair Dryer uses NanoeTM technology to create an unprecedented kind of dryer that directly infuses moisture captured from the air into each hair strand while you dry it. Not only does the dryer protect your hair and scalp from heat damage, but it restores moisture back into them. The tiny Nanoe ™ particles are thousands of times smaller than regular steam, and absorb deep into the hair strands from root to end to give you healthy and shiny hair. You won’t want to  dry your hair with anything else after you see how instantly silky and shiny this dryer makes it—and you’ll certainly be grateful to have it during the dry winter months ahead.

Quick Dry Nozzle for healthy dryingThis nozzle emits alternating airflows to separate hair for rapid and efficient drying. The unique mechanism dries hair from the root for a healthy and beautiful scalp.
Nanoe ™ Hair Dryer
Designed with your hair’s health in mind, this nourishing dryer comes with settings and attachments that allow styling for all hair types and hairstyles.

Add some drama to your lashes

P13-6-curlerYou use hot curlers to curl your hair, so why wouldn’t you use a hot eyelash curler? The Heated Eyelash Curler uses gentle heat and rotation to give your eyelashes a longer-lasting curl. You can control if you want natural or dramatic curls, and it works beautifully both before and after applying mascara. The detachable comb makes it infinitely reusable and easy for you to keep it clean. This curler is battery operated, meaning no fussing with a cord, while its sleek design lets you can carry it with you wherever you go.


Heated Eyelash Curler

Longer-lasting curls and no more of the crimping or pinching that you get from conventional eyelash curlers.


Handle gel nail polish like a pro

P13-7-nailgelDo you love gel nail polish for its robustness but hate it for the impossible task of removing it? Most of us either make the dreaded trip back to the nail salon or sit at home peeling it endlessly. Panasonic has created a solution for such woes with its Gel Nail Polish Remover. A gel-sanding attachment quickly buffs the gel, making it easier to remove with nail polish remover. After the gel is softened, it can be gently peeled away from your nails. Two other attachments—the filing attachment and the cuticle remover attachment—are salon-grade tools that let you easily and expertly beautify your nails.

Nail Gel Remover
Peeling away those stubborn gels is a cinch with this handy and multi- functional little tool.

Beauty devices by the leader in electronics

Panasonic has long held its reputation as a company that produces cutting-edge and solid electronics—and you would certainly want your beauty tools to be just as effective and reliable, since they are some of your most personal and frequently used devices.

Always several steps ahead of everyone else, Panasonic innovates and reinvents products in ways that challenge our conventional thinking. The company builds its products based on serious scientific research and engineering that can span decades and involve hundreds of dedicated experts, which is why there is no better place to find something to boost your beauty regimen.


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