Dramatic or demure, these Japanese beauty trends will inspire you.

Japan has always been renowned for setting daring trends in technology, the culinary arts and even in the fashion world, with edgy Harajuku-inspired fashions being picked up by the mainstream. Even the Star Wars saga had Padmé AmidP36-3ala rocking the timeless geisha look.

But the latest Japanese beauty trend to explode on the scene is the so- called hangover look. An alternative way of achieving this look would be binging on sake and staying out all night at karaoke, but your liver will probably thank you if you skip the spirits and go straight for the red blush.

Another recent beauty trend is taking eyelash art to the extremes. Mere mascara just doesn’t cut it anymore—Japanese beauty bloggers are sporting everything from crystals to paper butterflies on their luscious lashes. If eyes are the window to your soul, then bring on the eye bling!


Hangover look

The eyes are made to look red and puffy—and die-hard fans of this trend even create the illusion of greasy hair.

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