Discover the healthiest way of drinking tea—and the easiest way to prepare your own matcha. Tea lovers rejoice for this ultimate tea machine.


The power of matcha

Matcha is making a huge splash in North America’s culinary world, from matcha ice cream in grocery stores to matcha-infused dishes in artisan restaurants. Matcha has 60 times more antioxidants than spinach and does wonders to strengthen your immune system—it can even work to prevent cancer according to some studies. It’s also jam-packed with L-Theanine (about five times more than regular green tea) which is the amino acid that gives matcha the magical ability to make you calm and invigorated at the same time. Since that translates to caffeine without the jitters, matcha makes a far superior alternative to coffee when you’re trying to be productive and alert yet cool and in control.

P12-05With all these amazing benefits, it’s no wonder that everybody is crazy for matcha, but most of us have no idea how to reap the benefits of matcha in our own homes and end up having to rely on Starbucks to supply us with our matcha lattes. Canadians aren’t alone in this. Even the majority of Japanese people living in Japan don’t know how to prepare a regular cup of matcha, resorting instead to getting their matcha fix from matcha-flavoured products at the grocery store. The reason for this is that a simple cup of matcha is not actually simple to prepare at all—it’s tremendously difficult to do correctly! Originally meant only for use in traditional Japanese tea ceremony, matcha-making requires special tools and it is said that the skill of whisking matcha powder in a bowl to a perfect froth takes years of practice.


The simple and confusion-free control panel gets you exactly what you want. Control your grind and water temperature for the perfect cup of tea. You can also use the ground tea powder for cooking, smoothies and more.

P13-02The merging of tradition and precision

Sharp’s innovative and brand new Tea-Ceré is the answer, making matcha effortless and affordable for everyone. Developed with leading Japanese tea experts, Tea-Ceré comes equipped with a uniquely designed ceramic grinder that recreates the traditional pulverization of regular tea leaves with a mortar and pestle. The engineers at Sharp designed a meticulous device by pinpointing the perfect amount of speed and force for grinding the delicate tea leaves—ensuring the process does not generate too much heat or damage the nutritional components. For matcha, simply add green tea leaves and Tea-Ceré will pulverize them into particles that are the ideal size for consumption. (Any green tea can make a tasty matcha-style drink, but for authentic Japanese matcha, you’ll need carefully grown tencha leaves.) The resulting tea powder is perfect not only for tea but also for cooking, baking and mixing in cocktails—and the freshness is unbeatable. When you consider the nearly impossible task of getting fresh matcha powder in Canada as well as the exorbitant cost, this machine is immediately worth its price.


The art of boiling

Green tea latte

Green tea latte

Once grinding is complete, the powdered tea can then be transferred to the adjacent brew container along with water to boil. The boiling component is another revolutionary part of this machine, as it removes any trace of chlorine that may be in the water, making it safer and tastier to drink. You can select from two boil points depending on your preference or sensi- tivity to hot liquids, and you can even brew cold tea for those steamy summer nights.


The whisking process

Tea-Ceré’s whisking feature manages the last and hardest step—the art of whisking. Rotors blend the tea powder and the boiled water at the ideal speed and strength to create a perfect balance of broth and liquid, drawing out the complex and deep flavours of the tea leaves.

Health benefits abound

Consuming the entire tea leaf delivers rich flavours and health benefits that are unrivalled by other forms of tea. In fact, research shows that more than 70% of the nutrients in tea are discarded when you prepare tea the conventional way of steeping tea leaves in boiled water.

This is because nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin E, fibre and chlorophyll are not water-soluble and thus don’t make it into your cup. Tea-Ceré eliminates this waste and maximizes the health benefits of tea—and its technology is three times more efficient than steeping, meaning you can make triple the amount of tea with the same amount of tea leaves!

Much more than matcha

The beauty of Tea-Ceré is that it’s not limited to grinding and preparing matcha drinks; rather, it can handle any other kind of tea you introduce to it. For a nice breakfast beverage, make an English breakfast tea latte by simply adding ground English tea and milk to the machine, or experiment by mixing other black teas. For a refreshing cocktail, combine some matcha powder with gin and a twist of ginger. Expand your culinary world and combine matcha with salt to make elegant matcha salt, or try creating rooibos powder to use in a delicious rooibos pound cake for dessert.

From sweet to savoury



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