Bob hairstyles are a hot trend. This chilly season—they make a great match to a warm scarf!

This unique cut flatters the model’s face while exposing her neck, giving her a refreshed look. A rich red-violet was chosen as her main colour to give a sense of warmth, with darker lowlights adding depth. Hidden below, vivid purple adds a unique accent every time she tucks some hair behind her ear. This way, the bob has a sense of movement even without any layers.





Hidden Beauty

Show your unexpected side and change your first impression! Twist your hair and clip it back with an accessory to amp up the cuteness.


Hair Stylist

Eiko has built up her career as a hair stylist since graduating from beauty school. She received further professional training from the Shiseido Academy of Beauty & Fashion (SABFA). Eiko came to Toronto in 2009, and she has been on the Seefu Hair Salon team for four years.

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