Looking for that purr-fect gift for the crazy cat lady (or gent) in your life? Look no further!

1. For the love of naps

Warm yourself with a cat that naps on your lap … or take a catnap yourself!



Snuggle up to your new faux-furry friend or purry pillow! This Kitten Cushion Case is great for keeping warm or grabbing some ZZZs on a chilly winter’s day. Simply place a hot water bottle or pillow inside the cat’s—err— rump, then enjoy some warmth and relaxation.




Need a catnap? Then grab yourself a Kitten Eye Cushion. Rest the
kitten-soft fabric across your eyes to keep out daylight while the soothing, bead-filled cushion helps you relax. You can also place it on your neck, across your wrist or anywhere else that might be feeling tense.




Night vision is over-rated. This kitty eye cushion is meant to keep you in the dark.

Soft as a kitten’s belly and oh-so relaxing—you just might start purring!



2. Convenient and cute

Collectable coin bags that are home to more than just your coin collection!


These Fluffy Kitty Coin Bags are an adorable alternative to a heavy bag or purse. And with their big pockets, there’s no end to the possibilities—you’ll find these cool cats have room for snacks, reading glasses, pens and pencils, your smartphone and more!


3. Kitty meets pretty

Be as fashionable as a feline with these fuzzy accessories. They’ll make you the coolest cat on the block.

Wrist warmers that will give you paws

Wrist warmers that will give you paws



These adorable accessories will solve your everyday woes. Cold office? The Fluffy Cat Pad Wrist Warmers keep even the iciest hands feeling warm … and looking cute! Tired of hair getting in your face? Throw on the Fluffy Cat Ear Hair Turban to keep those strays—hair, not cats—in check.