Shoushin restaurant strives for sushi perfection using just the essentials—fish, rice and vinegar—with exceptional quality and execution.


Sophisticated sushi

Guaranteed freshness, curated selection of ingredients. Omakase dining takes all the stress out of ordering.(bottom dish shown in picture)

Mouth-watering sashimi

Sashimi is seasonal, hand-picked and freshly sliced by Chef Jackie, then served with grated raw wasabi.(top dish shown in picture)

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In the world of traditional sushi, “Meshitaki San-nen, Nigiri Hachi-nen” (飯炊き3年握り8年) is a common phrase to a sushi chef. It means that it takes three years to learn how to cook rice, and eight years to learn how to form the rice. It’s about mastering your craft. Obtaining a good knowledge of ingredients, mastering knife techniques and performing the highest quality of service could take a lifetime of learning and full concentration. A sentiment that Shoushin owner and head chef Jackie understands deeply. Chef Jackie has dedicated himself to creating the perfect sushi at his traditional sushi restaurant.

The restaurant’s interior is elegant and minimal. A mixture of delicate wood and concrete, it creates a warm but refined atmosphere. The sushi bar is the showpiece of the restaurant: it’s made from rare, uncoated Hinoki wood that is sanded every night.

At Shoushin, there is no fixed menu. Instead, there are three types of Omakase (or chef’s choice) options at different price levels. This allows the chef to select only the highest-quality seasonal ingredients, as well as learn and customize the offerings to his clients’ preferences.

Gunkan Maki:These delicious gunkan maki are also a form of traditional sushi, just like nigiri sushi.

Simply and elegantly prepared, Shoushin’s sashimi is incredibly fresh and clean-tasting. The sushi’s skilful preparation and attention to detail is evident: the temperature of the fish, rice and even the room’s temperature are accounted for, in perfect balance.

Dining at Shoushin is a refined, curated experience, and the chef’s dedication to perfection makes it unforgettable.



A delicious start

From left to right, ebishinjo (shrimp dumpling), sautéed spinach topped with shimeji mushroom and cooked butternut squash.


Heartwarming appetizers

Warm yourself with Akadashi (red miso soup) with asari clam, or Renkonmochi (deep-fried lotus root cake with bonito sauce).


About Chef Jackie Lin

Jackie always appreciated the sophisticated spirit in Japanese cuisine. He started his career at Zen Japanese Restaurant as a co-op student during high school. Over his 12 years working there, he received training to become a sushi chef, and eventually went on to become sous chef. He recently opened up Shoushin so he can continue striving to make the perfect sushi.


TEL: 416-488-9400

3328 Yonge St., Toronto

OPEN HOURS: Tue–Sat 5 pm–10 pm Sun–Mon closed