The world’s favourite supercar is coming back—with a brand new model that’s set to make a splash in the world of high performance.

In 1991, Acura debuted the game-changing NSX that transformed automotive world forever. At a time when supercars were unreliable and  uncomfortable, the NSX was an unbelievable success with not only its impressive power, styling and technologies, but also its comfort and reliability. For the first time in history, there was a supercar that could be driven every day without compromising comfort or risking unpredictable and expensive breakdowns.


Other car companies took Acura’s lead and 25 years later, the automotive world is a vastly different place. Supercars can now tolerate more abuse on a racetrack without breaking down, and they offer comfort and a whole suite of computer-controlled technologies to the driver. But at the same time, prices have spiralled out of control over the years, with $1-million hyper-cars becoming a reality. Now, after a nearly two-decade-long hiatus, the NSX is re-entering the market and stirring things up again. With its innovative technologies and cutting-edge styling, all for a competitive price, the brand new 2017 NSX is ready to change the automotive landscape once again.

Just behind the front seats lives the mid-engine, 500-horsepower twin-turbo V6 that is coupled to a 47-hp electric motor to ensure seamless power delivery. Turbo delays are a relic of the past, and the electric motor delivers instant acceleration. The gas and electric motor combination drivers the rear wheels through a 9-speed dual clutch transmission that was designed and manufactured by Acura’s top engineers especially for the NSX. Shifts are automatic or done with the paddles mounted to the steering wheel. Up at the front, each wheel has a 36-hp motor for all-wheel-drive grip and acceleration.

P13_02The sport hybrid super-handling all-wheel drive (SH-AWD) has a launch control feature that routes power to the wheels with high precision. There are no official acceleration numbers available yet, but rumour has it that the sprint to 100 km/h will take less than three seconds.

With big power and acceleration, you need powerful brakes. The NSX has optional carbon ceramic brakes and hybrid regenerative braking that are lightning quick and efficient. Regenerative braking has gotten a bad reputation for having bad feel and discontinuity, but Acura’s engineers have perfected a solution to make the feel extraordinary. A unique brake-by-wire system carefully balances braking regeneration with the disk brakes and gives braking controls to the computer while also sending feedback to the driver through the brake pedal. This brand new combination of performance and tactile feel is unmatched and, in fact, non-existent in typical regenerative braking systems.

An intense focus on the interior via Acura’s Human Support Cockpit is the cornerstone of the NSX and one of its defining features that brings it back to the original 1991 model. There is an undeniable synergy felt between you and the car as soon as you grip the wheel. Visibility has also been enhanced through the use of ultra-high- strength steel around the windscreen, which minimizes the silhouette of the A-pillars.

The first NSX was auctioned off by Barrett-Jackson during the last week of January 2016, while customer order-taking will begin closer to production. Customers will be able to order the new NSX through authorized dealers in concert with the launch of a vehicle configurator on, which will make the ordering process easy and customizable. Options will include several interior and exterior colours, three different wheels, and three different seating surfaces along with the carbon ceramic brakes and a sport package. MSRP starts at $189,900 and tops out at $250,100 when all available factory features and options are included.

The Acura supercar is back and it’s faster and more advanced than ever.


The “Human Support Cockpit” is designed around the driver

Comfort, support, visibility and ergonomics are all designed for the driver. Once you’re behind the wheel, the NSX becomes an extension of your mind and body for an unparalleled experience.


Unique sport hybrid super-handling all-wheel drive

The rear wheels are powered by a twin-turbo-charged V6 mated to an electric motor, while each front wheel is driven by an independent electric motor. Power is directed for maximum control.


Sport-package carbon ceramic brakes to stop quickly every time

Coupled with regenerative braking from the hybrid system, the carbon ceramic brakes bring Formula 1 technology to the road. Brake fade is a thing of the past, even on the racetrack.

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2017 NSX starting from $189,900

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