That is the question at Coo Café Bread or Rice, a new restaurant that has something for everyone.

Yakitori Rice

Soy-glazed grilled chicken leg is packed with flavour, matching perfectly with grilled shishito pepper, pickled ginger and coleslaw. (the top dish in the cover picture)

Chicken Breast Schnitzel Sandwich

The star of this hearty sandwich is a tender chicken breast with tangy cabbage slaw. (the bottom dish in the cover picture)

Hungry for more? Let’s dig in!

Bread and rice are two of the most recognizable culinary staples, and they also represent key ingredients in both Western-style and Japanese- style dishes. Husband and wife duo Chiaki and Nagisa Hashimoto, owners of Coo Café Bread or Rice, successfully satisfy both Japanese and Western culinary preferences using a clever concept: showcasing a protein of choice (such as beef, chicken, fish or vegan options) and serving it with bread or rice. And don’t let the “café” in the name fool you: this charming Bloorcourt spot serves up lunch, brunch and dinner, plus wine, craft beer and dessert.

The interior is understated with an open kitchen and cosy seating. The menu at Coo Café Bread or Rice is literally divided into two parts: bread and rice. Nagisa, who is also the head chef, lets his culinary creativity run wild, preparing each protein differently for each bread or rice variation. For example, on the brunch menu, eggs are prepared as either Eggs Benedict with homemade hollandaise sauce and a salad on the side (as the bread option) or as omurice, a Japanese-style omelette served on top of tomato-based fried rice (as the rice option). Chef Nagisa, a formally trained chef who specializes in French, Italian and Japanese cuisine, seamlessly navigates his way through each dish, and each option is a delicious adventure into different culinary worlds. At Coo Café Bread or Rice, creativity and choice reign supreme, and that makes for an unforgettably fun dining experience.

Eggs Benedict

A traditional brunch favourite. The eggs are skilfully prepared and the hollandaise sauce is rich, but not heavy.



A more elegant take on a classic Japanese dish, featuring a flavourful demi-glace red wine sauce.




Poached Egg

For an extra $1, add a poached egg to your yakitori rice, creating a luscious texture and flavour.




P09-4Owners: Chiaki and Nagisa

Chiaki and Nagisa Hashimoto made their restaurant dreams a reality by opening up Coo Café Bread or Rice in Toronto’s Bloorcourt neighbourhood in December 2015. Chiaki has a back- ground in graphic design, while Nagisa is a formally trained chef specializing in Japanese, French and Italian cuisine. Nagisa has been working in the restaurant industry in Canada for over 20 years.





Coo Café Bread or Rice TEL: 647-351-5166

1049 Bloor St. W., Toronto



Tues–Fri 11:30 am–2:30 pm,
5:30 pm–10 pm • Sat 11 am–3 pm, 5:30 pm–10 pm Sun 11 am–3 pm • Mon closed