Decorate your lunch box for a fancy break! These wonderful tools will help you bring your creative ideas to life.

1. Cute animal friends for your rice

These sweet kittens and adorable pandas greet you when you open your lunch.


Omusubi-nyan: The purr-fect lunch accessory


Go-panda: For a bear-y cute meal

If you would like to make cute rice balls that will impress your kids and friends, try these tools! The kits include everything you need to make your own kitten and panda rice balls. You just need to prepare the rice, then add ingredients like nori (seaweed), cheese and ham as the finishing touch. Fill the rice into the mould and shape it. To make the kitty or panda faces, place nori, cheese or ham on the silicone sheet, press down the cutter and use the cut-outs to decorate your shaped rice balls. Use soy sauce or coloured rice seasoning to jazz up your creation. The rice mould has handles that make it easy to use with hot rice.


Make yourself an adorable panda sandwich
Take a slice of bread, cut it using the mould or patterned cutter, and finish it with chocolate, peanut butter or jam.

2. Happy flowers and stars

It just takes an extra few minutes to turn your regular bento box into something lavish.


You can cut cheese, carrots, eggs or any of your other favourite toppings to easily make a decorative pattern that will spice up your bento box. You can also use these edible decorations for your sandwiches, hamburgers and salads—and they make a dynamite addition to cookies and sweets. The kits come with six patterns (including flowers, stars and ribbons). So use your imagination and creativity to have fun with your food!


3. Rice in a fun new shape

Turn something old into something modern with this fast and easy way to make a rice sandwich.


P11-3-2What colourful fillings will you put in your sandwich?

Do you find that making rice balls is too much hassle? How about trying a rice sandwich? Onigirazu is a new invention that allows you to turn your rice into sandwiches without using your hands. It’s simple, easy to use and a super-quick way
to make a tasty lunch. Lay down a large sheet of nori and cover it with rice. Add a layer with your favourite fillings, close the box and you are done!


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