NC Salmon brings you the best of Japanese hairstyling.

P38-01The Natural Creation Salon (NC Salon) brand was established a decade ago at its first location nestled in Thornhill. To meet the growing demand, NC Salon has since opened two additional locations in North York and downtown Toronto. The salon houses highly skilled hairstylists from Japan and throughout Asia who are experts in Japanese hairstyling techniques. When you walk in, you’ll be greeted by skilled professionals who are able to craft individualized hair services, with offerings including perms, colour, cuts, styling and so much more.

A more natural way to colour your hair

P38-02One of the specialties at NC Salon is ombre hair colouring. “Ombre” means gradient, and the gradation can vary from soft, subtle colours to contrasting tones. The main colouring technique used to achieve the gradient look is Balayage, a freehand painting technique that creates natural-looking highlights. When done well, this technique makes your regrowth or colour fade look more natural, meaning you won’t have to constantly rush back to the salon.



Downtown location:

750 Yonge St., 2F, Toronto | TEL: 416-551-5693

Open: Mon–Tues 11 am–10 pm, Wed 1 pm–10 pm, Thurs–Sat 11 am–10 pm, Sun 11 am–7 pm

*Visit the website for the North York and Thornhill locations