Tatsu’s Bread features European and North American classics with a few Japanese additions.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first entered Tatsu’s Bread, a modest bakery on Lake Shore Boulevard, but based on my experiences with the bakeries in Tokyo, I was hopeful. I’m a lover of all things baked, and it didn’t take long for me to realize that Tatsu’s Bread is something special.

P42-01The attention to quality is apparent from the first bite. Owner and baker Tatsunobu Sato brings a Japanese sensibility regarding food to his baking, adhering to a strict standard of freshness and clean ingredients. His artisan sourdough is made without yeast, sugar or oil, and the green tea biscotti get their rich colour from the matcha used to make them. Be sure to try them if you visit Tatsu’s—the almonds in the biscotti give them a nice, nutty tone that pairs well with green tea.

I sampled a number of things from the menu and, amazingly, there was not one thing I didn’t enjoy. The strawberry-rhubarb pie is wonderfully tart with a crust that is just flaky enough; the cream of broccoli soup is light but still flavourful and not too salty; and then there’s the quiche! I’ve never been a fan of quiche, but Tatsu’s has made me a believer. Cheese, egg, tomato and hints of balsamic all come together beautifully, and I quickly found the quiche to be one of my favourite items on offer.

P42-2Tatsu’s burger brings more Japanese flavour to the menu. It’s a ground pork and beef patty mixed with green onion, parsley and breadcrumbs from their own French baguettes. It features a sweet, rich teriyaki sauce and chewy multigrain bun made in-house. Tatsu’s also has an assortment of healthy sandwiches.

Ultimately, the real standout is in the name itself: the bread. I fell in love with the multigrain loaf, convinced I’d never tasted bread so fluffy and soft. Tatsu’s uses no added preservatives, and the result is bread that is almost the consistency of cotton candy—so soft it seems to dissolve on the tongue. I couldn’t help but snag a loaf to take home.

Tatsu’s Bread offers outstanding quality for the price, and it won’t be long before I go back for more.


Amanda Taylor

Amanda Taylor is a freelance travel writer and restaurant reviewer who has lived in Tokyo, Japan. While there she wrote for some of Japan’s top magazines for tourists and expats. Her favourite things about Japan are the curry, the convenience stores, the customer service, the hot springs and the innumerable places to visit.

Tatsu’s Bread

3180 Lake Shore Blvd. W., Toronto


Open: Mon–Thurs 8 am–5:30 pm • Fri 8 am–6 pm • Sat 9 am–5 pm • Sun closed