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If you’ve ever had the desire to hang out on a man-made island while dressed like a pirate, I know exactly where you need to go. The Odaiba region of Tokyo was originally built in the 1850s as part of Tokyo’s defense system. Today, the artificially created isle is known as an entertainment hub, attracting visitors from all over the planet! And for visitors looking to take part in one of the more eccentric sides of Tokyo’s endless entertainment, Odaiba offers up a theme restaurant that will make even the most conservative traveller want to yell out, “Ahoy, matey!” Welcome to King of the Pirates.


P22-4The brainchild of Diamond Dining, experts in the world of Japan’s theme restaurants, King of the Pirates welcomes guests to a land of pirates and intrigue. The décor is captivating, as the interior is designed to look like the inside of a ship with dark wood, plush crimson fabrics and walls lined with maps and books. Its layout encourages the visitor to explore each area … but beware! Naturally, exploring these waters can lead you right into the path of the occasional pirate (or possibly just restaurant staff decked out in head- to-toe pirate regalia). For the adventurous guest, borrow some of the restaurant’s pirate garb for great photo ops … or just because you want to free your inner Captain Jack!

If you happen to be on board when the weather outside is beautiful, be sure to make your way to the ship’s deck (or “patio” for us landlubbers). Being on Odaiba, King of the Pirates offers up a spectacular view from its patio, so grab a bite and a drink as you watch for approaching vessels.


Speaking of food and drink, one may wonder what exactly a pirate is meant to eat. Well, wonder no longer. At King of the Pirates, each diner can have as much fun exploring the menu as they can exploring the “ship.” Should you decide to sip on a cocktail while perusing the food menu, choose from one of the many seafaring-themed drinks. If you’re hoping to woo a sailor, a good choice may be the “Passionate Royale,” but I leave that to you. As for the food: there are a variety of dishes to nibble on, or full-fledged meals to soak up your hunger. This being a pirate ship, the black squid curry is a popular menu choice, but other pirates may choose to sharpen their swords over dishes like the beef fillet. If you happen to stop in for a quick lunch, make sure to check out the lunch sets that come with salad and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks. Whatever it is that you choose to eat, save some room for dessert—this pirate ship is known for its chocolate fountain and yummy ice-cream sundaes. Even pirates need the occasional sweet.


Whether you are headed to King of the Pirates because you love theme restaurants, or because you have always confused when to say “Aye” and when to say “Arrr” on International Talk Like a Pirate Day (no, I did not make that day up), or just because you like the idea of sitting in a restaurant that replicates the interior of a boat on a man-made island (hmm…), this is definitely one stop that you should make time for. With friendly staff, a varied menu and eye-catching décor, King of the Pirates offers up an entertaining dining experience where nobody will leave via the plank!



Get your sea legs

Impress your pirate hosts with these swashbuckling facts.


  • International Talk Like a Pirate Day is celebrated every year on September 19.
  • “Shiver me timbers!” is pirate lingo for, “Wow. I’m shocked.”
  • The pirate’s chosen way of getting rid of an enemy: an invitation to walk the plank!
  • “Ahoy, matey!” is a pleasant greeting meaning “hello,” so respond with equal politeness
    (or risk the plank!).
  • A landlubber is a person who doesn’t have much pirate knowledge. So, if you had to read this to find that out, you are in all likelihood a landlubber.

King of the Pirates

Take Yurikamome from Shinbashi Station or Toyosu Station. The restaurant is located across from Yurikamome Daiba Station.

5F Aqua City Odaiba, 171 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo TEL: 050-5877-9869


Mon–Fri: Lunch 11 am–3:30 pm,
Dinner 5 pm–11 pm
Sat, Sun & Holidays: Lunch 11 am–2:30 pm, Dinner 4 pm–11 pm