For relaxation, there’s nothing better than my Beads Sofa!



MUJI Atrium Furniture Department Lead

“The Beads Sofa is the first thing that I look for when I come home from work. I can’t wait to let all the weight of the day slide off as I sink into my softest, comfiest piece of furniture. Filled with thousands of fine beads wrapped in a supportive material that conforms to your body and makes you feel like you’re floating, the Beads Sofa helps you let go and enjoy your favorite pastime (I play video games on it!). I also like that it’s space-efficient: if you have a small space you can keep it vertical so it doesn’t take up much room.”



Made with super-fine 0.5-mm beads, the Beads Sofa wraps around you like a cloud and supports your body for maximum comfort while reading, watching TV or napping. And the fine-weave cover feels silky soft against your skin.



It’s such a perfect addition to my living space!



MUJI Canada Merchandising and Distribution Department Manager

“I keep my Beads Sofa in my living room, which I have turned into a contemplative space that’s great for reading or just taking a minute to breathe. With clean, modern lines and covers available in a variety of soothing colours, the Beads Sofa will enhance your space’s visual harmony, while its body-moulding softness will help you achieve inner peace. I love that it can be positioned two ways: depending on how much I want to relax, I can either sit or recline. The cover is very stretchy, too. It’s really good when you want to take a nap!”


The Beads Sofa’s sturdy, flexible material conforms perfectly to your body while retaining its shape. It can be positioned horizontally or vertically, giving it double function as a chair or recliner and making it easy to store out of the way if you need more room.

Well-fitted Beads Sofa Body: $150

Well-fitted Beads Sofa Cover (Navy Denim/Hickory Denim/ Olive Drab Chino/Khaki Chino/ Grey-Beige/Dark Brown): $45

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