Lifelike fake food is a century-old tradition in Japan that uses elite craftsmanship. And now it’s become the ultimate fashion accessory!


They look good enough to eat …and wear. These super-cute earrings will make you smile. 


I know they look delicious, but don’t eat them! They’re not as edible as they seem. Who knew donuts, pudding and bananas could be so fashion-forward? Pick your fave sweet treats and dangle them from your ears. These tiny earrings will bring you happy and sweet feelings! If you don’t have a sweet tooth, don’t worry. There is a variety of savoury fake food to choose from, too, including hamburgers, hotdogs and salami.



Easily convert the back of the earrings

Fish-hook earrings can be changed to screw-back earrings—available in gold, silver or silicon for those with metal allergies.


Show off your love of bacon, eggs and everything breakfast by adding a foodie touch to your outfit.


Hair accessory

Love bacon? Love eggs? How about wearing both of them on your head as you start your day in a whole new way? Put your hair back with sizzling bacon and cheerful sunny-side-up or creamy scrambled eggs featuring ketchup, straight from the kitchen. With these hair accessories, breakfast is no longer just for eating—it can also be the unique touch that completes your outfit. Best of all, they look almost as appetizing as the real thing.

bacon 1

Tie clip & necklace: These fun bacon accessories are for everyone

Even if you’re not the type to wear a hair accessory, you can still add a fun, breakfast-y twist to your outfit. Impress your boss and co-workers with this black-pepper bacon tie clip.


Express yourself using … noodles? Discover a new fashion trend with these remarkable and mouth-watering items.


Getting bored of your ordinary hairstyle? Are you looking for something to capture attention? Then this selection of mouth-watering fake food hairbands is definitely for you. The choice is yours: Japanese soba noodles with shiny eggs or Spaghetti Napolitano with delicious tomato sauce. They will surely turn heads and make you the envy of any room you set foot in.


Add this unusual item to your collection

Hair accessories are the perfect way to glam up your regular look and change your mood. Have fun using this attention-grabbing barrette to make yourself truly stand out.


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