Fun and unusual additions to your cocktail or barbecue party!


P10_MrMatsumoto“I really like the design of this glass: it fits nicely in the hand when it’s picked up, and the placement of your mouth when taking a sip is very comfortable. I use the soda glasses daily and I save the wine glasses for special occasions! When serving drinks in these glasses, the Ice Ball Maker provides a great final touch. The balls take time to melt due to their shape, which doesn’t dilute your drinks. You can even get creative with them, such as swapping water for fruit juice to add a burst of extra flavour to your drinks.”

Takashi MUJI Canada Business Development Manager

P10_glassesThese crystal soda and wine glasses are sturdy, but feel very delicate on your lips, and they emit a nice sparkle. And the Ice Ball Maker is an unusual take on ice cubes that adds an esthetic touch to your drinks.

Crystal Glass: Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Champagne, 355 mL, 470 mL (individual: $12.60–$13.30, 6 pcs set: $55.30– $62.30)

Glass: 200 mL, 270 mL, 340 mL ($3.00–$4.50)

Silicone Ice Ball Maker (Regular: $12.00, 4-ball mold: $24.00)

So soft, it’s like “walking on clouds”!





“As someone who is on her feet for more than eight hours a day, I think these MUJI sneakers are some of the softest and most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. Designed with a special cushion that targets the pressure points of the foot, I find them very light on the heels and toes. They make you feel like you can be on your feet forever. They’re definitely my favourite pair of shoes and worth the investment!”

Lorraine Arium Assistant Store Manager


MUJI sneakers are unisex and come in a variety of stylish, natural colours that can easily match your wardrobe. They are made of soft, breathable cotton and are water repellent—great for rainy days!

Water Repellent Cotton Sneakers: size 22 (5) to 29 (9.5/10) (white, black, dark navy, red, green khaki and olive brown) $45

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